100% Confidence Na Sang-ho “Suwon fans booing? Do you think you will feel the joy?”

Look at this confident expression on his face. Na Sang-ho of FC Seoul has been completely reborn after breaking an egg this season.

Leading the league in scoring with 7 goals. The nickname ‘defensive winger’ that has been following Na Sang-ho for some time is now a thing of the past.

Na Sang-ho, who has regained his offensive talent since the World Cup in Qatar, is being reborn as the hottest striker in the K-League this season.

The spirited ceremony in front of thousands of Suwon supporters after scoring in the last Super Match proves just how confident Na Sang-ho is this season.

I met Na Sang-ho,메이저놀이터 who has evolved into the hottest wing striker in the K-League this season, at Champions Park in Guri.

The following is a Q&A with Na Sang-ho.

Q. It seems to have completely changed since the World Cup in Qatar. What is Uruguay to Na Sang-ho?
Before lunch against Uruguay, the starting list came out, and my name was on it. I was really nervous then. But once I entered the arena, the atmosphere itself was completely different. Rather, the tension was relieved. It is a blessing to play on a stage like this. Even if I make mistakes, I made up my mind to make use of the play and strengths that I can show. The match was really fun. World-class players in Uruguay also make mistakes. Everyone is nervous. In the end, I felt that the World Cup is a fight to reduce mistakes.

Q. What is benverge (Bento + father) to Na Sang-ho?
(Na Sang-ho has three fathers. Real father, Benverji, and Ikbeoji)
He is a memorable teacher and I think I will remember him until he dies. He is the one who helped me to change my image by appointing me without being shaken even in difficult situations. I would like to say that I am very grateful to Bento for making a turning point in my soccer life.

Q. Then, what is a mother (Ahn Ik-soo + father) to Na Sang-ho?
Who wants to make the history of ‘FC Seoul-like’ together? Director Ahn Ik-soo is really passionateHe is a person full of affection. Always use an iPad or something to bring analysis data. I can feel that he is always working hard and studying how to motivate the players. It’s true that compared to when he first came, he tried to joke around a lot and became more harmful. I think you are trying to figure out how to approach the players. He studied English diligently and tried to communicate directly with foreign players.

Q. If you could choose between benverge and immature, who would you like to be?
I’ll choose the ripe one. If it were a real dad, it would sound scary… but I don’t think it’s bad to experience it once.

Q. What is a defensive winger to Na Sang-ho?
(Na Sang-ho was labeled as a striker who couldn’t score goals in the past.)
Since I’m a striker and still being called a defensive winger, I wondered if I hadn’t scored many goals and lacked an aggressive look. So I think I tried to show a more aggressive side this time. I made a commitment to myself that I should show myself as a striker this season.

Q. Do you still have the dream of going abroad?
I think it’s true that we have goals. I want to take on challenges and experience the limits, so I want to steadily move forward with the goal of Europe. (Which stage do you want to go to?) Lastly, I want to go to the EPL stage. I can’t go all at once, but I want to go to the EPL stage one step at a time. I wonder what it would feel like if Minjae and Inbeom scored a goal. I really want to experience what it would feel like to play in the Champions League.

Q. To Na Sang-ho, what is ‘Bomak’, aka ‘Bomak’ to block the bus?
(In the second half of last season, FC Seoul suffered a so-called ‘barak’ from fans to block the bus amidst extreme sluggishness. Na Sang-ho, who was the captain at the time, held a loudspeaker in front of the fans and pledged to turn around.) At that time, I was so embarrassed
. The position of captain was burdensome and I think it was difficult. But looking back, I think it was a great experience. I think I learned the weight of a claim, responsibility, and the dignity of a leader. I still felt that I was not enough to wear the captain’s armband, and I think I learned well through that experience what to do when I became captain later.

Q. What is a super match to Na Sang-ho?
I couldn’t see many Suwon fans inside the stadium. The ceremony seems to have done whatever it wanted. He got a lot of swearing from the crowd, but he didn’t care. (I heard that the car was blocked by Suwon fans while leaving the stadium?) I was leaving the home stadium, and someone knocked on my car door and said something… I realized that I had done something scary. I think he came here because he was angry because he lost in a super match. Even if we lost, a very difficult situation would have happened. It was a super match, so I think anything can happen. (Are you looking forward to the next Super Match?) I am looking forward to it. I think Suwon players will come out stronger and it will be more fun. (There might be booing?) I think I’ll rather feel joy. So expect more.

Q. What does coach Klinsman mean to Na Sang-ho?
He is a very aggressive football player. When the coach came to visit, he was lucky enough to score a goal. Now, I really want to show the image of a striker within the national team. If I am selected for the A match in June, I want to show my aggressive side well to the coach so that I can continue to improve. In the aggressive part, I think I have to work harder to shine more than before.

Q. What is your resolution against Jeonbuk on the 5th?
We haven’t beaten Jeonbuk in the last 5 years. Last year, in the FA Cup final, we lost to Jeonbuk and gave away the trophy. We are also talking with the players about overcoming the jinx this time, and we feel strongly motivated, so we really want to win.

Q. Any last words to your fans?
Right now, the team’s performance is at the top and my personal record is in a good place, but I think it’s important to continue these things with the fans on the pitch. My individual goal is important, but I will show you how the team can continue to fight for the championship, putting team performance first.

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