13-year-old American boy miraculously survives Grand Canyon cliff fall

A 13-year-old American boy who went to play in the Grand Canyon메이저놀이터, Arizona, USA, miraculously survived after falling down a cliff about 30m, the BBC reported .

Wyatt Cuffman, a resident of Minos Dakota, was in an accident while visiting the North Rim of the Grand Canyon with his family on the 8th.

Cuffman is said to have slipped and fell while standing on a rock at the edge of a cliff and moving out of the way for others to take pictures.

In the accident, Mr. Cuffman suffered serious injuries, including nine broken vertebrae and one hand bone, and a ruptured spleen, but was discharged after receiving treatment.

His father, Brian Cuffman, said he was very fortunate to be able to carry his child in the passenger seat of the car rather than in a box.

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