’16 wins-ERA 2.24′ Pitcher salary increase rate is only 5.6%, hidden secret

The annual salary increase rate for a 16-win pitcher is only 5.6%.

It’s something that only happens in the major leagues. Toronto Blue Jays ‘Young Gun Ace’ Alec Manoa renewed his contract this season for an annual salary of $740,000.

On the 14th (Korean time), Major League clubs including Toronto concluded this year’s contract renewals with non-salary-adjusted players who have been in their third year or less, including Manoa.

Manoa earns an annual salary of $745,650, up only $39,450 from $706,200 last year. The rate of increase is only 5.6%.

Manoa debuted in 2021. It is famous among domestic fans as a junior who follows Ryu Hyun-jin. Manoa, who showed his ace qualities by appearing in 20 games in his first season and posting an ERA of 9-2 and an earned run average of 3.22, grew rapidly last year and secured the position of an ace in the team.

He started 31 games and pitched 196⅔ innings, going 16-7 with a 2.24 earned run average and 180 strikeouts. He finished third in American League Cy Young voting behind Justin Verlander and Dylan Seaz. He, of course, also fulfilled his dream of making his first All-Star appearance.

If a pitcher in his second year in the KBO had performed like this, his salary would have risen two to three times.

The major league salary system is different from that of Korean and Japanese professional baseball. Until you qualify for annual salary adjustment, you cannot deviate much from the minimum annual salary level. It is a system that receives a salary set by the club. The minimum annual salary was $700,000 last year and $720,000 this year. So, you can see that Manoa’s annual salary is no different from this level.

The Major League Baseball (MLB) accepted the demands of the players union that the salaries of players less than three years were too low, and since last year prepared a bonus pool for them. This pool was $50 million last year. It is distributed to the top 100 players with good grades, according to the WAR rankings established by agreement between MLB and the players union. As a result, Manoa, who performed top-notch, received a bonus of $2,191,023 last year. It was three times his annual salary.메이저놀이터

However, this is a bonus and not a guaranteed salary. This year, the second full-time season, if you perform similarly to last year, you can see that you can receive a similar level of bonus again. Otherwise, you have to accept a salary of less than $800,000.

In the major leagues, you get a salary adjustment qualification by digesting 3 full-time seasons, and if you become a free agent by completing 6 seasons, you will receive a clear reward. Depending on your grades, calling can be worth it. If Manoa maintains the ace mode for another five seasons, $300 million in the free agent market may be the default.

Baltimore Orioles catcher Adley Luchman for $733,900, Tampa Bay Rays All-Star left-hander Shane McClanahan for $737,000, right-hander Drew Rasmussen for $739,700, LA Dodgers right-hander Michael Grove $722,500, etc.

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