‘178cm short center back’ Choi Seok-hyun’s determination, “Goal for least goals among 32 World Cup teams”

Choi Seok-hyeon, the center back who tied strong France tightly, expressed his determination.

The Republic of Korea national football team under the age of 20 (U-20), led by coach Kim Eun-joong, held the 2022 FIFA Argentina U-20 World Cup group stage at Estadio Malvinas Argentinas in Mendoza,토토사이트 Argentina at 6 am (Korean time) on the 26th. Group F will play the 2nd match against Honduras.

South Korea took 2nd place in the group after winning 3 points from the previous match against France. If they win against Honduras, they can advance early depending on the results of the France-Gambia match.

In the first match against France, Kim Eun-joong-ho’s defense teamed up the opponent’s wave of offensive attacks. Excluding the suspicious penalty kick, it was a game that could have won without a goal enough.

Centerback Choi Seok-hyeon told the Korea Football Association on the 25th that he was determined ahead of the match against Honduras.

He recalled the match against France, saying, “(Kim) Ji-soo and chemistry were good. It seems that a good defense scene came out with positioning and quick reaction.”

At 178 cm, he is not tall for a center back. Nevertheless, he made good use of his agility and played a big role in the match against France. He said, “Sergio Ramos is my role model,” and said the reason was, “He has similar physical conditions and good defense, so he can play for a long time on the big stage despite his age.”

Against Honduras, he expressed his determination, saying, “The attacking team is faster than expected and the side cross is good.

A total of 32 teams will participate in this World Cup. South Korea won the runner-up in the 2019 Polish tournament.

Choi Seok-hyun said, “I want to finish the tournament with the least number of points lost among 32 teams.”

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