195 cm volleyball player Han Seong-jeong “134 cm father, taller than anyone else”

For volleyball player Han Seong-jeong (27, Woori Card),토토사이트 her father Han Eun-beom (58) is bigger than anyone else. His son’s height is 195 cm. His father is 134cm. His son is 61 cm taller. A father should always look up at his son. The son said, “My father, who raised me so well, is my role model in life.” On the 17th, he said, “I will understand my father 100% when I become a father,” he said, “I am worried that I will be able to become a father like him.”

My father, Eun-beom, has a level 3 physical disability (dwarfism). He was born the seventh of nine siblings. He said, “My older brother, who took care of me on behalf of my parents who went to work within a few months after I was born, said that he was carrying me on his back and then dropped it.” “Originally, my family is on the large side. My father was a wrestler and also rode a cow.” He said that when he went to the hospital because he had not grown in height 50 years ago and received a disability rating, even the doctor did not know exactly what kind of disease he had.

Han Seong-jeong grew up well with her younger brother 4 years younger in the arms of such a father. He was worried just in case, but he was strong enough to have been one head taller than his peers since kindergarten. He was invited by the volleyball team during his elementary school days in Samyang, Okcheon, Chungcheongbuk-do, and stepped on the court in earnest in the 5th grade. What he was more concerned about than his height was the family situation. His father said, “It takes a lot of money to exercise. He was working hard and living on money from the country, and I was worried that he would be able to take care of it.” However, he allowed it because he wanted to find something worthwhile for his son.

The son poured his passion into volleyball with all his soul. However, his father did not show up at the stadium. “At first, I was like, ‘You can’t come because you’re busy. But when I asked him directly, he said, ‘I can’t go because I’m afraid you’ll be uncomfortable’. I was very angry at the moment. I’m really fine, so I told you to come. He also said, ‘I think he’ll do better when his father comes.’” Since then, the father has been watching his son’s game without missing it.

Is it because of my father’s support? Han Seong-jeong’s skills also improved. After going to Okcheon High School and going to Hongik University, he led the team’s first regular league victory as a team main gun. After finishing his third year, he challenged the professional volleyball rookie draft. “Before he entered college, he told (to the coach) that he wanted to enter the draft early because of his family situation, and he was promised,” he said. In the 2017 rookie draft, he was nominated by Woori Card with the first overall pick. “I was puzzled,” said the father. He recalled that when he went out to the draft site (to take pictures with his son), the camera flash went off non-stop.” The son gave his father about 150 million won for his joining contract.

Afterwards, Han Seong-jeong worked as an outside heater who was good at air defense for more than 4 seasons at Woori Card before transferring to KB Insurance during the 2021-2022 season. Then, ahead of the 2023-2024 season, it returned to the’parent team’ again last month. It is already the 7th year of the league. Han Seong-jeong said, “I am no longer the ‘youngest line’ in the team. Next season, he has to show even better with the team’s ‘waist’.

The father said, “Until I had a son (Han Seong-jeong), I lived with the thought that it is okay to die. However, he regained the meaning of life in the taste of growing up a child who has never been rotten inside. (My son) grew up proudly without being discouraged. He is busy bragging about his son to his friends. The best thing is to have a good child,” he laughed. Han Seong-jeong said, “Ever since I was little, my father said that personality is the most important thing.” I was very upset then. I’ve never been scolded for not studying. My father always said that you, strong and healthy, should protect and help the weak.”

Han Seong-jeong, who is about to get married, said, “I wanted to have a stable life from an early age. She said, “The prospective father-in-law also lost an arm in an accident, so he sympathizes with (our family’s situation).”

The men’s first tournament, the KOVO (Korean Volleyball Federation) Cup, will be held in early August. The touching volleyball of Han and his son will continue at the Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul (the home of Woori Card).

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