1st in the WHIP league, 3rd most home runs? A surprising record by an all-star pitcher

I don’t hit well, but if I hit it, it’s a home run with a high probability?

There is a pitcher who looks like this in the American Major League (MLB). Tyler Wells, 28, right-hander starter for the Baltimore Orioles.

Wells has set a career high this season and is becoming a Baltimore sensation. He is 6-2 with a 3.20 earned run average (ERA) and 82 strikeouts in 81.2 innings.

In our time today (16th), he started in Baltimore’s home game against the Toronto Blue Jays and pitched 6.2 innings with 2 runs, leading the team to a 4-2 victory.

By the way, Wells’ record is rather unusual. This is because he has a fairly high slugging percentage, as opposed to good grades. Wells’ home runs per nine innings (HR/9) this season is 1.76, the highest in his career. If you look at the entire league, it’s 4th from the top.

In fact, he has allowed 16 home runs so far, including two home runs today, and is ranked third overall in the league in home runs. Wells is the only pitcher in the top five home runs with an ERA in the 3-run range. As such, it means that a good performance with many home runs is unusual.

Even more surprising is Wells’ WHIP (on-base per inning). Wells allows very few hits and walks and leads the league with a .86 WHIP.

Wells’ batting average of just .183 is second in the league and his walks per nine innings (BB/9) is 1.76, which is seventh in the league. So, while he pitches very stablely, allowing few hits and walks, he shows pitching where occasional hits lead to home runs.메이저놀이터

However, since his grades are so good, he doesn’t seem to care about frequent home runs. Baltimore coach Brandon Hyde said, “Wells helped the team win with consistent pitching throughout the first half.”

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