‘2 wins only at home’ Coach Ji-Eun Baek “Victory achieved by all players”

Dankook University coach Baek Ji-eun, who finished second with two wins at home, expressed her gratitude to the team.

Dankook University, led by coach Baek Ji-eun, won 53-47 in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League match against Gwangju University held at Dankook University Cheonan Campus Gymnasium on the 11th. Dankook University defeated Gwangju University in second place and recorded 2 wins and 1 loss, moving up to 2nd place.

Dankook University scored an average of 63 points this season and Gwangju University averaged 61.7 points, but this day’s game was played with a low score. Dankook University, along with Gwangju University, showed a fighting game and finished the first half 20-20, but after that, they continued to attack the outskirts of Gwangju University and won the victory.

After the match, Dankook University coach Baek Ji-eun said, “I was grateful that the players played so hard today (11th). And it seems to be a more meaningful victory because the players achieved it together.”

“There were a lot of shots that came out while spinning (from the rim) in the beginning, whether it was a shot below the goal or a 3-point shot. The players always say a lot (to the coaches and coaches) that they help us win by working hard. Also, it seems that (the players) were a little excited in the beginning because it was the home. So, it became a game where the shot did not even go in.” Looking back at the game, he analyzed the sluggish field goal that day.

How did coach Baek Ji-eun solve the players’ sluggish field goal? Director Baek Ji-eun said, “First of all, I told you not to get excited and not to rush. Even though I couldn’t put it in like this, I was tied up right now, so I just laughed and talked like a joke,” he said.

Gwangju University, which Dankook University faced,바카라사이트 was sluggish in free throws. Out of 13 attempts, only 4 were successful, with a success rate of 31%. Regarding Gwangju University’s sluggish free throws, coach Baek Ji-eun said, “I didn’t deliberately ask for free throws in the defensive aspect.” I tried to defend without fouling as much as possible. Rather, our weakness is that we give a lot of free throws to the opposing team.”

Dankook University, which has risen to second place with one win, will play an away game against Suwon University on the 24th. Director Baek Ji-eun said, “The women’s division has a small number of people available. I will recover as soon as possible and exercise may become difficult after the midterm exam, but I will not give up until the end like today and will play as one,” he said, expressing his determination to face off against Suwon University, who ranked first in the league.

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