2023 Secondhand Basketball Weekend League Preliminary Opens on the 10th

The preliminaries for the used basketball weekend league by region will open on the 10th.

On the evening of the 2nd, the Korea Middle and High School Basketball Federation (Chairman Park So-heum) confirmed and announced the 2023 Weekend League preliminaries by region.안전놀이터

This competition, in which 91 teams from 4 categories (30 male high schools, 12 female high schools, 32 south central divisions, and 17 female central divisions) participate, will be held in 5 regions for a total of 5 weeks from June 10th to July 9th.

On the 10th, the opening day, the curtain will be held first in the gymnasiums of Gyeongbok High School and Cheongju Shinheung High School, and the next day, matches will be held in all regions except the Gyeongsang region. The Gyeongsang region announces the start of the tournament from the 17th, a week later than other places.

The men’s division is divided into 6 groups of 5-6 teams, and the women’s division is divided into 4 groups of 3-4 teams, competing for supremacy. However, even if the team did not rank in the high school division, it is possible to participate in the King of Kings additionally.

As a result of the lottery draw, Incheon rivals Jemulpo High School and Songdo High School were tied in Group A in Namgobu, and Jeonju High School, Muryong High School, and Yongsan High School, which reached the top once each this season, are also worthy of aiming for first place in their respective groups.

Meanwhile, the weekend league Wangjungwangjeon is scheduled to be held in Yanggu, Gangwon-do in early August.

+2023 Regional Weekend League Participating Teams+

Seoul Gyeongin Gangwon A_Gyeongbok High School/Hongdaebu High School/Jemulpo High School/Baejae High School/Songdo High School
Seoul Gyeongin Gangwon B_Myeongji High School/Hwimun High School/Anyang High School/Yongsan High School/Yangjeong High School
Seoul Gyeongin Gangwon C_Gwangshin Broadcasting Preliminary High School/ Gangwon Sadaebu High School/Inheon High School/Naksaeng High School/Samil High School
Central D_Cheongshin High School/Chungju High School/Cheonan Ssangyong High School/Sangsan Electronic High School/Gyeseong High School Honam
Daejeon E_Jeonju High School/Gunsan High School/Daejeon High School/Yeosu Hwayang High School/
Gwangju High School Gyeongsang F_Dong-A High School/Busan Jungang High School/Gimhae Gaya High School/Masan High School/Muryong High School

<Girls’ High School>
Seoul Gyeongin Gangwon A_Suwon Girls’ High School/Bundang Business High School/Chuncheon Girls’ High School
Seoul Gyeongin Gangwon B_Inseong Girls’ High School/Sungui Girls’ High School/Seonil Girls’ High School
Central Honam C_Onyang Girls’ High School/Cheongju Girls’ High School/Supia Girls’ High School
Gyeongsang D_Samcheonpo Girls’ High School/Hwabong High School/Dongju Girls’ High School

Seoul Gyeongin Gangwon A_Yangjeong Middle School / Bae Jae Middle School / Samil Middle School / Dandaebu Middle School / Songdo Middle School
Seoul Gyeongin Gangwon Middle School B_ Seongnam Middle School / Hwimun Middle School / Samseon Middle School / Yongsan Middle School / Myeongji Middle School
Seoul Gyeongin Gangwon C_ Hogye Middle School / Hongdaebu Middle / Pyeongwon Middle School / An Nam Middle / Gwangshin Middle School/Chuncheon Middle
School D_Juseong Middle School/Chungju Middle School/Cheonan Seongseong Middle School/Sangju Middle School/Gyeseong Middle School Honam Daejeon
Jeju E_Munhwa Middle School/Gunsan Middle School/Jeju Dong Middle School/Daejeon Middle School/Yeocheon Middle School/Jeonju Nam Middle School Gyeongsang F_Dong-A Middle/Geummyeong
Middle /Imho Middle School/Hwabong Middle School/Palyong

Middle School <Girls’ Middle School>
Seoul Gyeongin Gangwon Chungcheong A_Sungui Girls’ Middle School/Seonil Girls’ Middle School/Suwon Jeil Middle School/Sookmyung Girls’ Middle School
Seoul Gyeongin Gangwon Chungcheong B_Bongui Middle School/Inseong Girls’ Middle School/Onyang Girls’ Middle School/Chungsol Middle School Gyeongbuk
Honam C _Daejeon Wolpyeong Middle School/Jeonju Jeonju Middle School/Hongnong Middle School/Supia Girls’ Middle School/Sangju Girls’ Middle School
Gyeongsang D_Yeonam Middle School/Dongju Girls’ Middle School/Hyosung Middle School/Masan Girls’ Middle School

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