‘400 Wins Libero’ Yeo Oh-hyun’s time goes backwards

Hyundai Capital won a 3-1 victory over KB Insurance in the men’s professional volleyball home game on the 12th.

With this victory,  Hyundai Capital’s playing coach Yeo Oh -hyun (45) set a new milestone in the V-League.

He became the first player in V-League history  to experience his 400th win in a regular season game .

Hyundai Capital beat Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance 3-1 in the home game on the 15th, and coach Yeo’s personal win increased to 401 wins.

Among active players,  Han (38, Korean Air) is in second place with 291 wins, so there is a high probability that a player who breaks this record will not come out at least for the time being.

Coach Yeo played 1923 sets, which accounted for 97.3% of the 1976 sets played by her team for 16 years from the 2019 to 2020 season.

However, as Hyundai Capital entered ‘rebuilding’ mode, only 121 sets (42.5%) of a total of 285 sets were played in the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 seasons.

It didn’t mean that my strength was reduced. Although he did not make it to the leaderboard due to his lack of ‘rule share’ (15%), he recorded a serve receiving efficiency of 47.2% in the 2020-2021 season and 55.3% last season. It was a higher record than Oh Eun- ryeol

(26, Korean Air, 45.2%), the leader in receiving in the 2020-2021 season  , and Park Gyeong- min (24, Hyundai Capital, 51.8%), who ranked first last season  . And again this season, Coach Yeo regained the top spot in receiving (54.0%) by participating in 62 sets (78.5%) of the 78 sets played by the team.

Coach Yeo recorded a receiving efficiency of 82.8% in the first year of the V-League (2005).

It is also true that 54.0% looks shabby compared to this record.

However, 2005 was the season when the overall serve receiving efficiency of the men’s division was 63.1%. The current record this season is 33.9%.

Assuming that the league average is 100, Coach Yeo left a ‘receive+’ record of 131.3 (= 82.8 ÷ 63.1 × 100) in 2005, but is recording 159.2 this season.

Compared to the league average in V-League history  , only one Park Kyung -min (159.7) last season boasted better receiving skills than a female coach this season.

About 0.5 can be said to be within the ‘margin of error’. 메이저놀이터

So Coach Yeo, at the age of 45, boasts one of the best receiving skills in V-League history.

In other words, it also means that they are showing more outstanding performance than the days when people called ‘the heyday’.

Previously, 135.6 recorded at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the 2010-2011 season was the highest personal receive+ record for a female coach.

Coach Yeo was sharpening his knife, leaving a ridiculous record of 170.5 even last season, when he barely played.

Ahead of the opening of the 2016-2017 season, Hyundai Capital announced that it would spare no support so that coach Yeo could play as an active player until the age of 45.

At the time, a volleyball official said, “If Hyundai Capital really succeeds in the ’45-year-old project’, the opposing team will shout ‘thank you’.”

Coach W could stay on the court, but it was impossible to maintain his prime.

Coach Yeo, who is likely to leave the court at the end of the season, said, “I want to hear  from fans until the very end, ‘Oh-Hyun Yeo is still flying  .’” Yes, Coach W is still flying higher than anyone else on the court.

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