“500 won the moment you click”… ‘Spoon change fee’ restaurant controversy

Recently, controversy has arisen when a restaurant is known to메이저놀이터 charge extra for changing spoons. There is a voice of understanding, criticizing whether the service is included in the price of food, and wondering if there were many customers who changed spoons.

On the 22nd, a picture of a menu board at a restaurant was posted on an online community where it was posted that it costs 500 won for ‘replacing/adding a spoon’.

The author said, “It’s been a while since I’ve been there, but the menu seems to have changed and there’s no flexibility.” “Two people came in 30 minutes before the kitchen closed, and they said that (another guest) could come to a table for three, and even though there were other seats, I sat in the middle of the long table. Just It was no different from sitting at the next table.”

In addition, he confessed, “The most shocking thing was that I received an additional fee for forks and spoons.”

The restaurant is known for charging an entrance fee and then hourly fees. Instead, it is said that the price of alcohol and food is relatively cheap.

Netizens who saw this responded with embarrassment, such as “If I drop my spoon at that restaurant, I will have to go to the bathroom to wash it off”, “I will have to carry a fork and spoon from now on” and “I will not pay the electricity bill separately”.

However, opinions such as “There are customers who keep using spoons when drunk, so I think I know why” and “If you don’t like that kind of thing, you don’t have to go”, etc., said that they could not criticize the restaurant side.

In the past, there has been controversy over the appearance of meat restaurants that charge extra for grilling meat and vegetable refills.

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