’72G consecutive 3-point shot success’ Jeon Seong-hyun, KBL record award

 Jeon Seong-hyun, who is writing a new record for various three-point shots, is scheduled to receive a record award from KBL. His target record is 72 consecutive three-point shooting success, and Jeon Seong-hyun will be awarded the Record Award if he breaks this record.

Jeon Seong-hyun is writing various 3-point shooting records this season. Following 42 consecutive games with two 3-pointers and success, he is currently recording 72 consecutive 3-pointers and 16 consecutive 3-pointers with 3+ successes. The record of 4 3-pointers + success in 9 consecutive games is tied for first place with Jeong In-gyo.

The record of 200 successful 3-pointers in one season is the first time in history that the team has surpassed 100 successful 3-pointers in the fewest 25 games in a season.

Some even say that Jeon Seong-hyun is the best shooter in KBL history. Of course, only if this trend continues, it is possible to surpass Moon Kyung-eun, Jo Sung-won, Woo Ji-won, Bang Seong-yoon, and Jo Sung-min.

Even so, it cannot be denied that KBL is the best in terms of records. 스포츠토토

KBL also congratulated Jeon Seong-hyun on his record-breaking march and set the awarding policy for the record.

A KBL official said in a phone call on the 10th, “We will award a record award for Seong-Hyun Jeon’s record of successive three-point shots. In the same way as Lee Jung-hyun’s consecutive appearances, an award will be given if the record is stopped.”

Lee Jung-hyun is currently participating in 559 consecutive games, excluding national team selection and military service. He far surpassed Chu Seung-gyun’s 384 games. KBL plans to award a record award when Lee’s record of consecutive appearances is broken.

The same goes for Jeon Seong-hyun. This season, Cho Seong-won has made 3-point shots in 54 consecutive games and is now making 3-point shots in 72 consecutive games.

KBL is awarding record awards to players who achieve a new Korean record, a new Asian record, or a new world record as an official KBL record.

Lee Jung-hyun’s consecutive appearances are a representative example of the record, and James Mays won the record award for making the first 5×5 record in KBL.

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