A ‘game changer’ has appeared… Park Eun-seon “I really want to score WC goals”

Returning ‘tall striker’ Park Eun-seon (36, Seoul City Hall) burned her will for the World Cup.

The Korean women’s soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell, won a 5-0 victory in the second leg of a friendly against Zambia held at Yongin Mir Stadium on the 11th.

It was Park Eun-seon and Lee Geum-min who led the victory that day. Lee Geum-min scored a hat-trick, including two goals from penalty kicks, and Park Eun-seon also scored two goals and one assist, displaying a near-perfect performance.

In particular, in the scene of Lee Geum-min’s multi-goal, which made the score 3-0, 180cm tall striker Park Eun-seon showed off a standard post-play by dropping the ball in front of Lee Geum-min with a high jump and assisting.

In the first match against Zambia, which was won 5-2 on the 7th, Park Eun-seon, who came as a substitute in the second half and recorded one goal and one assist, including a goal in an A match for the first time in nine years, also shook the net and scored two goals in a row in the second match. did.

Park Eun-sun’s performance, which is rare in women’s soccer and has a solid physical, made me look forward to the 2023 Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup to be held in July. Korea was placed in Group H along with Germany, Colombia and Morocco in the World Cup group stage.

After the game, Park Eun-sun showed a humble attitude in an interview with reporters, saying, “I scored two goals, but I felt so good and I think I was able to score easily because I had good passes and kicks.”

Coach Bell was also very satisfied with Park Eun-sun’s performance and said, “I want to cherish it like a flower in a greenhouse until the World Cup.”

In response to Bell’s remarks, Park Eun-seon said, “Director (Bell) is very considerate when exercising or playing games, and pays attention to this and that. told

He added, “I will work harder and prepare a lot to show better performances on the World Cup stage.”

Regarding his feelings about the upcoming World Cup, he said, “I have a desire to score goals in the World Cup more than anything else.”

Park Eun-seon wore the Taegeuk mark and participated in the 2003 World Cup in the United States and the 2015 World Cup in Canada, but ended the World Cup with zero goals.

Regarding the last two World Cups, he said, “I wanted to score a goal, but it seems to be a big regret because I couldn’t.”

Park Eun-sun, who broke the record for the oldest scorer in Korean women’s football at 36 years and 107 days when she scored a goal against Zambia, said, “Of course I want to break the record again.온라인카지노 I will score a goal at the World Cup and show a better image,” she said.

She is called a ‘game changer’ who can change the flow of the game and punish the opponent’s defense with only 45 minutes of play if Park Eun-seon maintains her condition without injury and participates in the World Cup. She’s got players on the women’s national team saying, “She doesn’t have that kind of physicality, even on a strong team.”

Unlike her last two World Cups, which left only regrets for her, Park Eun-sun is determined to smile as much as this is the last time.

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