A man in his 60s who went missing during Typhoon Kanun was found dead… The water detection dog ‘Pado Gyuri’ is looking for

On the 10th, when Typhoon Kanun landed and was heading north, a disabled person in his 60s went missing in Daegu.
It was found dead after three days, but a water detection dog found the missing person who had sunk in the water.
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On the afternoon of the 10th, in a valley in Dalseong-gun, Daegu, a man in his 60s in an electric wheelchair was swept away by swollen water.

The water level has lowered, but debris has accumulated in the valley메이저놀이터, making the search difficult.

Turn over rocks with heavy equipment, search for missing people by boat.

About 150 people, one search dog, and nine pieces of equipment were mobilized, but they couldn’t find it for two days.

On the third day of the disappearance, this morning, a man in his 60s who went missing was found dead at the southern entrance of the reservoir in the lower valley.

It was a water detection dog that found the man who had sunk in the water.

Waves and Gyuri were active at the scene of this disappearance.

When the water detection dog directly on the boat arrives at a location in the reservoir, it starts building.

Padado and Gyuri are trained to smell people coming up from the water.

It is a method of searching underwater with a sonar at the location where a signal is sent, and then a diver enters and rescues.

▶ Interview: Hyun Gwang-seop / 119 Rescue Dog Training College Training Center
– “When the smell of someone to be rescued comes up, I get on a boat and just build it on top of it. (Sonar) I see a human figure or something like that on the monitor.”

There are only two water detection dogs in Korea, Wave and Gyuri. As the number of water accidents is increasing due to climate change, voices calling for an increase in the number of detection dogs are growing.

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