A man threatened with a baseball bat to a man and woman he did not know

Police arrested a man who swung a baseball bat at people he never메이저놀이터 met because of eye contact.

According to Channel A on the 20th, at 5:40 am on the 7th, male A found a group of men and women walking on the road while riding in a car driven by a deputy driver in Jungnang-gu. Drunk, he got out of the car and walked over to them, exchanging a few words before returning to the car. After opening the trunk of the car and rummaging around, he took out a 70cm baseball bat and brandished it, threatening the crowd.

When a fierce fight broke out, the deputy knight and the people around him came and stopped the fight. Afterwards, a report was received on 112 that “an unknown person was holding a baseball bat and threatening”, and Mr. A and all those involved were arrested by the police who were dispatched. Fortunately, no one was injured by Mr. A’s threat.

Mr. A is said to have stated in a police investigation that he “made eye contact with me” about the reason he swung a baseball bat and “drank and did it out of anger.”

Meanwhile, the police sent Mr. A without detention on charges of special threats.

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