A refreshing start for Park Jin-seop, who was chosen as the ‘River of 5’… Busan has changed

A good start.

Busan I’Park is one of the 5 teams without a ‘loss’ among the 13 K-League 2 teams. After the opening, we played 3 games, but we harvested 2 wins and 1 draw, and settled in 4th place with 7 points. Since they played one less game than Bucheon FC, Gyeongnam FC, and FC Anyang (above 4 games), which are ranked 1st to 3rd, there is ample opportunity for a leap forward.

Last year, Busan properly damaged its pride. After hovering at the bottom throughout the season, it was ranked 10th in the K-League 2. This is the worst performance since being relegated to the bottom of the K League 1 in 2020.

He led the team for two and a half years, but the contract was terminated due to poor performance, and coach Park Jin-seop, who led the Jeonbuk Hyundai B team as a ‘fireman’, was brought in. It was a bit lacking in time to put color on it because it was joined during the season, but as soon as he took office, he put forward an aggressive football based on a four-back, not the former manager’s three-back.

It has definitely changed. I prepared step by step from the off-season. They started winter training early, and coach Park recruited the players he had personally ‘picked’. The team consisted of veteran Lee Seung-gi, Choi Gun-joo, Choi Ji-mook, Lim Min-hyuk, and the ‘Brazilian duo’ Pesin and Lamas. In addition, we are preparing to recruit additional foreigners.

The ‘gol drought’ that held back last year is a breakaway. Busan was the lowest scorer (34 goals) last season. Lee Sang-heon, who scored the most goals in the team, was 16th with 7 goals. He also fell into a scoreless swamp for 7 consecutive games, scoring 7 goals in the opening 3 games this season. He surpassed 2 goals per match. Pesin and Lamas each have two goals each, while Kim Sang-jun and Choi Ki-yoon each have one goal each.

Director Park’s color is properly buried. The fullback with a lot of activity smoothly supports the attack from the side, but harasses the opponent with strong pressure when defending. Coach Park’s order, emphasizing the ‘spirit of sacrifice’ to pursue a quick counterattack and run one step further, is appearing on the ground.

At the media day before the opening,온라인카지노 Busan was the candidate for the top 5 selected by most K League 2 coaches. On the 19th, he even caught Kim Cheon, the managing director of the ‘River 1’, where the national team was lined up. Lee Seung-gi, who was recently recruited, is preparing to play after the A-match break.

This is why the future of Busan, led by veteran Park Jong-woo, who shouted “challenger spirit,” and coach Park, who talked about “promotion,” is expected. 

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