“A woman in her 20s lying barefoot at Starbucks… ‘I bought you coffee’ staff hates you”

The story of a young woman lying down at a Starbucks swearing and getting angry at an employee who asked for his understanding is infuriating online netizens.

On the 10th, an article titled ‘The Truth About Starbucks’메이저놀이터 was posted on the online community ‘Bobaedream’.

Writer A said, “A couple in their 20s came to Starbucks, took off their shoes as if it were my house, and my boyfriend put them next to my bag and said they lay down and sleep.” I said thank you,” he wrote.

“The woman said, ‘If I bought coffee, what I do here doesn’t matter,’ and cursed with my boyfriend,” he said.

Mr. A said, “Judging by the state of the drink, it seems that it has been moved from another seat.” How true she was on the spot,” he added.

Mr. A posted a picture of a woman lying down along with this article. In her picture, the woman is lying on her back with her shoes off and her bare feet.

Treasure Dream users who heard the story said, “I have to meet the owner and steal her soul with my boyfriend, you know the world is scary”, “Why are you so selfish”, “I see it often when I go to a coffee shop. Parents are the problem”, “Lee Ki-joo is the king of the end”, etc. Comments were left.

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