Achieved simultaneous home run and strikeout in one inning… ‘Yankees Ohtani’ wrote a record in 51 years

Since Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) appeared in the American Major League 메이저놀이터(MLB), it has become common to hit a home run and strike out in one game. Of course Ohtani is the only one.

However, a player from the New York Yankees, not Ohtani, struck out in one inning and performed a one-man show by hitting a home run in the subsequent attack. It is the super utility Isaiah Cainer-Faleppa (28).

Kayner Paleppa took the mound as a pitcher in the top of the ninth inning in New York’s home game against the Seattle Mariners held today (23rd). With the team down 0-10, fielder Kayner Palepa took the mound as a pitcher to save pitchers.

Kyner Palepa had a clean three-way strikeout, striking out second opponent Eugenio Suarez (31). It was his first strikeout in his debut.

In the bottom of the ninth, Kyner Palepa, who also came to bat, hit a two-run home run over the left wall against Seattle pitcher Chris Flexen (28). It was the moment when the achievement of striking out and home run in one inning was completed.

According to, Kyner Palepa is the first “Yankees pitcher” to hit a home run since Lindy McDaniel on September 28, 1972. The American League (AL), to which the Yankees belong, introduced the designated hitter system in 1973.

Kayner Paleppa is one of MLB’s most iconic multi-position players. He can play second and third base, shortstop and outfield, as well as catcher.

In particular, he pitched 3 times this year as a pitcher, throwing 3 innings and posting an earned run average (ERA) of 3.00. Thanks to his ability to play any position, he is still in his 6th year in MLB despite his relatively weak hitting (0.637 OPS).

“Any chance given, he plays with pride,” said Kayner Palepa. “He’s ready for anything, whether it’s pitching, hitting, or defending.”

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