After ignoring Zidane and becoming a ‘national traitor’, the head of the French Football Association finally resigns

The head of the French Football Federation eventually stepped down from his post following controversy over remarks disrespecting ‘French legend’ Zinedine Zidane.

The French Football Federation (FFF) announced on its official website on the 11th (local time) that “President Noel Le Grae (81) has decided to step down as president.” FFF made this decision after holding an emergency executive committee meeting at its headquarters in Paris on the same day. The chairmanship will be assumed by Vice Chairman Philippe Diallo.

Chairman Le Grae, who took office in 2011, had a term of office until 2024, but his remarks ignoring Zidane became a source of trouble, forcing him to resign early. In an interview with RMC Radio on the 8th, Le Grae was asked if he had received a call from Zidane when he was being mentioned as a candidate for the French national team coach, and he replied, “Even if there was a call, I wouldn’t have answered it.” He continued, “What do you say to him? don’t worry sir Find another club. I signed a contract with Didier 메이저놀이터.”

Regarding Zidane’s interest in coaching the Brazilian national team, “What he will do is up to him. It’s not tomorrow,” he said, “I’d be surprised if I went there, but it doesn’t matter.”

Le Grae’s interview was highly controversial. He criticized his remarks, including French striker Kylian Mbappe and even French President Emmanuel Macron. Mbappe tweeted, “Zidane is France soon. Legends should not be dismissed in such a way,” he wrote.

President Macron said he was “very disappointed” and “shocked, like all of us”. Spain’s soccer giant Real Madrid also issued a statement and demanded correction, saying, “We regret the remarks made by the president of the French Football Federation to Zinedine Zidane, one of the greatest legends of world sports.”

In the end, Chairman Le Grae bowed his head. He said, “I admit that I caused misunderstanding with inappropriate remarks and apologize.” But the anger did not subside easily. In addition, it was mentioned again that he had sexually harassed a female FFF employee in the past, and he took off his clothes. An investigation is currently underway under the direction of the Minister of Sports, Amelie Udea Castera.

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