After neglecting it for 40 years, it was sold for ‘300 million won’… Will I be there too?

The first personal computer made by iPhone manufacturer Apple메이저사이트 was sold at an auction for about 300 million won.

According to RR Auctions, an American auction house, on the 25th (local time), the first personal PC Apple-1, first made by Apple in the mid-1970s, sold for more than $223,000 (296.59 million won) on the 24th. was awarded

At the time, the sale price was 334 times the $666. RR Auction expected it to sell for $200,000, but surpassed it.

This computer is one of 200 PCs built in 1976 and 1977 in Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ garage in Los Altos, California.

It was purchased second-hand by its owner at a computer goods show in Framingham, Massachusetts in 1980 and was used throughout the 1980s.

In addition, at an event held at Bryant University in Rhode Island, USA in 2017, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak signed ‘Woz’.

Earlier this year, Apple experts brought the product into working condition.

It is not known who the winning bidder was.

Previously, in July, an unpackaged first-generation 4GB iPhone sold for $193,72.80 (253.19 million won) at an auction.

In addition, a pair of sneakers made by Apple as a one-time giveaway in the 1990s was sold for $50,000 on an auction site.

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