Ahn Seong-hyun, the youngest at 14 years old, and Choi Sang-ho, the oldest at 68 years old… ‘Age is just a number’


He is a 14-year-old national representative, a sophomore in junior high school who is bulky but has pimples on his face.

This tournament is the biggest event in the life of Ahn Seong-hyun, who made his name known by hitting long shots at the MBN Dream Tree Golf Championship since elementary school.

On the first day, I hit 2 under par and vomited my spirits to rise to a tie for 25th place, but I am excited to participate in the competition itself.

▶ Interview: Ahn Seong-hyun / National Golf Representative
– “I’ve seen it on TV a lot and have been to the gallery once, but I’m very happy and excited to be in the tournament myself.”

Choi Sang-ho, a living legend of domestic men’s golf, recorded a birdie on the last hole at the age of 68 and showed off his rust-free skills with a 2-over par.

Choi Sang-ho, who has won this competition twice, is challenging his own record of passing the cut as the oldest at the age of 62.

▶ Interview: Choi Sang-ho / Ping
– “I’m a human too, so when I see my juniors doing well, I get greedy too, (but) I think I had a lot of fun today.”

The leader of the first round was Jeong Chan-min, who scored an eagle with an elaborate shot following a long shot of 310m, and hit 8 under par.

Defending champion Bio Kim tied for 4th place at 4 under par and started his second consecutive victory.

▶ Standing: Kook Young-ho / Reporter
– “The players’ shot battle is expected to spark even more sparks during the golden week, especially on weekends when the gallery is expected to gather. This is MBN News Kook Young-ho.” Video coverage: Reporter Min Byeong-jo Video editing: Park Chan

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