An ambiguous score of 2-0? It’s different when Hwang Eui-jo makes it… The Resurrected Killer Swallows Super Match

Many coaches cite 2-0 as the hardest score in soccer. Former coach Choi Kang-hee, who led the heyday of Jeonbuk Hyundai in the past, was like that. “I hate 2-0 the most. With the thought of protecting him, he suddenly drops the line. Then, when 2-0 becomes 2-1, it becomes 2-2, 2-3 in an instant.”

FC Seoul-Suwon Samsung’s ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ Round 8, 100th ‘Super Match’ held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 22nd was different. The moment 2-0 was written on the scoreboard, everyone felt it. After Na Sang-ho’s opening goal in the 37th minute of the first half, Hwang Ui-jo’s additional goal in the 7th minute of the second half made the score 2-0, and Seoul was confident of victory early on.

Everything was done as the home team intended. In the 36th minute of the second half, Palosevic’s key goal was tied to a 3-1 victory, and Seoul, which continued its lead with a total of 40 wins, 25 draws and 35 losses in the Super Match, maintained its lead with 16 points (5 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses), while in the 43rd minute of the second half Suwon, who only avoided defeat with Richie’s comeback goal, was still in last place without a win, with 2 draws and 6 losses and 2 points. Despite trying to turn things around by firing head coach Lee Byeong-geun and giving coach Choi Seong-yong the temporary baton, the limits were clear.

Hwang Ui-jo’s performance was particularly dazzling. In charge of the front line, he harassed the opponent in every corner until he was replaced by Park Dong-jin in the 37th minute of the second half when the score was 3-0.

Hwang Eui-jo contributed from Na Sang-ho’s first goal. Na Sang-ho, who attempted a heel pass to Hwang Eui-jo, who was digging into the Suwon gate while exchanging balls, broke the balance with a left-footed shot when the ball hit Suwon wingback Jeong Seung-won.

This time it’s your turn to go out on your own. Hwang Eui-jo, who was stimulated by the 5th goal of the season and the 4th consecutive goal of the national team junior, who usually complained, “I think I do a lot of things (scoring) that my brother (Hwang Eui-jo) should do”, followed by Ki Sung-yong’s left corner kick. When Jeong Seung-won missed Kim Joo-sung’s header ball, he scored a goal.

It has been 5 years and 9 months since Hwang Ui-jo,먹튀검증 who scored only one goal from a penalty kick (PK) this season, scored a field goal in the K-League 2 in June 2017 when he was a member of Seongnam FC in the K-League 2. “While accompanying Seoul, I want to increase my scoring pace. Seoul coach Ahn Ik-soo praised him for putting into practice the promise, “I hope I can contribute even a little bit to Seoul’s challenge,” saying, “He is a great source of strength in all aspects, not just scoring.”

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