Annual salary increase ‘5 times’ jackpot!… Kim Min-jae accepts transfer to Manchester United → July 1st ‘scheduled to join’ if buyout is paid

Kim Min-jae accepted Manchester United’s offer.

Kim Min-jae performed the best this season.안전놀이터 He joined Napoli just two years into his European career and there was pressure to replace Callie do Coulibaly, but he played the part perfectly. Having revealed his presence from the opening game, he established himself as the ‘core’ of Napoli and led the team with stable defense and build-up. Thanks to his performance, Napoli succeeded in lifting the scudetto for the first time in 33 years after the 1989-90 season. Kim Min-jae also increased his value by being selected as the best defender in Serie A after the season.

Several teams were targeting him. Including Man Utd, who aimed to reinforce the center back, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Newcastle United, and Manchester City were candidates.

The most active team was Manchester United. They built up an outstanding centre-back duo of Lisandro Martinez and Rafael Varane, but cracks in the defence when they were both out in the second half. Accordingly, manager Eric Ten Hag felt the need for reinforcement.

Manchester United and Kim Min-jae contacted several times. The response was positive. The British media ‘Daily Mail’ quoted reports from Italian media ‘Calcio Mercato’ and ‘Calcio Napoli 24’ and said, “Kim Min-jae has already negotiated a transfer with Manchester United, and it is believed that an agreement is close. I wasted some time to clarify, and I have already said goodbye to my Napoli teammates.”

They also encountered obstacles in the negotiation process. Newcastle and PSG tried to hijack, and Napoli proposed a contract renewal to remove the buyout clause.

However, Kim Min-jae rejected Napoli’s offer. According to the Italian media ‘La Liberblica’, Kim Min-jae’s side rejected Napoli’s offer to delete the buyout. This is what the player himself and his agent wanted, and it seems that the existing amount will remain the same.

In this situation, Man Utah became more watery. Transfer market expert Rudy Galetti told Britain’s ‘Give Me Sports’ on the 13th (Korean time), “Man Utd have held several talks with Kim Min-jae’s agent over the past few weeks. Now the negotiation phase is clearly advanced.” revealed

The transfer was almost certain. Italian media ‘Il Martino’ revealed that Kim Min-jae has completed preparations for the transfer to Manchester United and will join the team on July 1 if the buyout amount is paid. In addition, Kim Min-jae accepted the offer from Manchester United, and his annual salary is expected to be 9 million pounds (about 14.4 billion won), about 5 times more than the 2 million euros (about 2.7 billion won) he receives from Napoli.

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