‘Are you kidding me?’ Tucker’s younger brother from KIA broke up with a difference of 3.1 billion won…’Sandy’ Tampa Bay, failed to reach an agreement with Poche with a difference of 150 million won

There are a total of 33 players eligible for salary adjustment that failed to reach an MLB salary agreement this year.

According to MLB.com, Bo Bisset (Toronto Blue Jays) and Kyle Tucker (Houston Astros) each requested $7.5 million, but their clubs offered $5 million each. The difference is a whopping 2.5 million dollars (about 3.1 billion won). It is the largest amount among 33 players. 메이저놀이터

The smallest gap was Tampa Bay’s Colin Poche, who asked for $1.3 million. The club offered $1.175 million. It is a difference of 125,000 dollars (150 million won).

Teoscar Hernandez, traded from Toronto to the Seattle Mariners, asked for $16 million, the most of the 33 players. Seattle offered $14 million.

Choi Ji-man demanded 5.4 million dollars from the Pittsburgh Pirates. The club offered $4.65 million. It is a difference of 750,000 dollars (930 million won).

Meanwhile, players and clubs who fail to reach an agreement can renegotiate before the hearing. If an agreement cannot be reached, a decision will be made at the hearing. The hearing committee, which consists of three members, listens to the claims of the players and clubs and then chooses one of the amounts offered by both sides.

Choi Ji-man won after going to the hearing ahead of the 2021 season.

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