Arte Moreno withdraws from sale of club: ‘My heart is still with the Angels’

Arte Moreno, owner of the Los Angeles Angels, is not selling the team.

Moreno announced in a press release on the 24th (Korean time) that the process of selling the club was being suspended. He, who was in the process of selling the club with the goal of completing the sale before the opening game of the 2023 season, will continue to lead the Angels club in the 2023 season and beyond.

“As we progressed through the process, it became clear that we still had work to do, and we felt that we could have a positive impact on the future of this team and on the fans,” Moreno said of the reason for stopping the sale.

Moreno announced the start of the sale of the club in August of last year. Several candidates, including the owner group of the Golden State Warriors of the American Professional Basketball Association (NBA), have shown interest in acquiring the club, and Japanese capital is also known to have been snooping around.

However, Moreno decided to forgo the sale of the club. He reaffirmed his will to lead the club, saying, “This offseason, we recorded the highest total salary in club history, and we want to return the World Series championship to our fans.”

Moreno bought the Angels from Walt Disney in 2003 메이저놀이터 for $184 million, making him the first Mexican owner in the major leagues. The team was successfully managed under the management system of general manager Bill Stoneman and manager Mike Scioscia. They won the World Series in 2002 and won five district championships in six years from 2004 to 2009, attracting 3 million spectators each season.

But in recent times, difficult times have followed. In the past 13 years, they have only made it to the postseason once. Even with two star players, Mike Trout and Shohei Otani, they failed to produce results.

A series of events further confused the team. In 2015, the conflict between manager Socia and general manager Jerry Dipoto surfaced, and the owner of Moreno made an irrational move to raise Socia’s hand.

In July 2019, the team’s left-hander, Tyler Skaggs, passed away unexpectedly, and an investigation revealed that the club’s public relations staff had supplied him with narcotic painkillers. The employee was later sentenced to prison.

In 2022, an agreement was reached with the city of Anaheim regarding the purchase of land around Angel Stadium, the home stadium, but it was later revealed that secret information was traded during the negotiations. Anaheim’s mayor stepped down over the matter, and the agreement was voided by the city council. After this incident, the team fell into abyss with 14 consecutive losses, and coach Joe Madden was sacked.

“We realized our hearts are still with the Angels,” Moreno said. And we are not ready to part with the fans, the players and our staff just yet.”

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