As an indoor Jamboree event… Crowd management at K-pop concerts is key

Scouts all over the world avoided the typhoon and completed their last-minute schedules, including viewing performances and exhibitions, indoor sports, and field trips to high-tech industries메이저사이트.

With the finale scheduled for tomorrow (11th) approaching, crowd management for the closing ceremony and K-pop live concerts are becoming the key to the success of the event.

This is reporter Kim Jang-hyun.


The scouts who participated in a dance night to the beat of a DJ at Gwanghwamun Square just a day ago.

After canceling all outdoor activities in the north of the typhoon, we continued the indoor experience and digested the final schedule.

They took part in dance classes to learn K-pop choreography, made traditional crafts while wearing hanbok, and continued cultural experiences such as Tuho play and Takjigi.

<Stephanie / Costa Rica crew member> “I really enjoyed the Korean culture and K-pop singing class.”

We watched beauty fashion works and the latest technologies, and also visited industrial sites such as semiconductors, automobiles, bio, autonomous driving, robots, and AI .

In particular, in a special exhibition commemorating the 70th anniversary of the ROK-US alliance, members confirmed the development history of Korea, which achieved economic prosperity in the world’s top 10 after overcoming the ruins of war.

While the crew members are showing their passion for indoor activities, this event, which has many twists and turns, is heading towards the finale with a K-pop live concert.

The Jamboree Organizing Committee announced that the members would be guided by a dedicated agent assigned to every 1,000 buses and moved to the Seoul World Cup Stadium, and traffic control and crowd management would be carried out with police and firefighting personnel support.

At the concert hall, 90,000 bottles of mineral water are prepared for the members, additional toilets are installed, and medical personnel are deployed.

<Kang Jeong-won / Spokesperson of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism> “The crew will enter from 14:00 to 17:30, and the closing ceremony will be held from 17:30 to 30 minutes. After that, the K-POP SUPER LIVE concert will be held from 19:00 for 2 hours . “

The organizing committee will double-check crowd management, deployment of security guards, routes for entry and exit, and additional inspections of the main stage before the performance.

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