‘Bae Ji-hwan was also hit’… 3 strikeouts on an inexplicable strike decision

I carefully selected the ball, but I shook my head at the unclear decision. Bae Ji-hwan’s hitting streak stopped after eight games due to incomprehensible strikeouts.

This is reporter Oh Seon-min.


[Washington 6:7 Pittsburgh/US Major League (yesterday)]

Bae Ji-hwan, who hit a full count in four consecutive at-bats yesterday스포츠토토 and drew 29 balls to the pitcher.

[Washington 0:2 Pittsburgh/US Major League]

In today’s first at-bat, he carefully selected the ball until the full count was made, but the moment he sensed a walk, Bae Ji-hwan’s face distorted.

He let the ball fly at 141 km/h coming into the high course, and the referee called it a strike.

[Local broadcast: I think the ball came in a little high. A looking strikeout is declared.]

A similar scene was repeated in the 6th inning.

I watched the ball fly outward in a 2-ball, 2-strike situation, and this time it was ruled a strike.

[Local broadcast: It looks like it went a little outside.]

Not only the local broadcasters, but also the MLB record sheet showed that it was outside the strike zone, but the result could not be overturned.

Referee Hernández, who repeatedly gave questionable decisions to Bae Ji-hwan, is a person who has often been criticized for his ball judging issues.

[Toronto 13:9 Colorado/US Major League (last 2nd)]

Recently, Ryu Hyun-jin also had a hard time declaring a ball that he put accurately in the strike zone as a ball.

Regardless of the team, a strike became a ball and a ball became a strike.

[Local broadcast: This pitch is ruled a strike. There is certainly room for debate for referee Hernández.]

Bae Ji-hwan, who had failed to hit in 9 consecutive games with no hits in 4 at-bats, had a team victory as his only consolation.

Pittsburgh won 2-0 as starting pitcher Keller pitched eight scoreless innings.

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