“Beware Kim Woo-jin moving”… Searching for ‘reading room scam’ suspect

The police are chasing the operator who stole hundreds of millions of won by deceiving investors in the SNS ‘stock reading room’.

The National Police Agency announced that it is tracking메이저사이트 stock reading room operator A for fraud.

Operator A has been accused of stealing hundreds of millions of won in KakaoTalk’s open chat room since last year by deceiving that he is providing stock investment guidance to many people, including a man in his 60s.

It was found that Mr. A was active in the chat room under the name of ‘Director Kim Woo-jin’ and even forced a loan, saying that he would guarantee a large profit.

In the process, he deceived himself by saying that he was a director of a famous securities company and stole a photo of an incumbent model.

The victims identified so far live in various regions such as Seoul, Gangwon, and Changwon, Gyeongnam, and investigations were conducted at the Seobu Police Station in Seoul and the Gangneung Police Station in Gangwon.

The police believe that the scale of the damage is likely to increase, considering that hundreds of people accessed the chat room and active operations took place.

A police official said, “We are conducting an intensive investigation by gathering clues about accomplices.”

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