Blatant criticism of Casemiro, “He looks like he’s 45,” pointed out as the culprit of Manchester United’s sluggish performance… Degraded to a cult after just one season

 Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as “hereinafter referred온라인바카라 to as below”) midfielder Casemiro is having difficulty recovering his skills.

Manchester United remains in 13th place with 2 wins and 3 losses in the first 5 games of the 2023-2024 English Premier League. Recently, they suffered a 1-3 defeat to Arsenal and Brighton & Hove Albion. Last season, they appeared to be recovering their reputation by placing 3rd in the league, but they are unable to maintain that momentum.

There may be many reasons for the initial slump, but Casemiro’s slump is being pointed out as the cause in particular. Kasemiru started all 5 games and is performing key duties as he did last season, but his performance is not showing up. Until last season, he energized the midfield with stable ball distribution and dedicated defense, but this season, his mobility and activity level are not the same in many ways.

Due to his continued slump, Aston Villa legend Gabriel Agbonlahor, who also played for the England national soccer team, blatantly criticized Casemiro through Talk Sports on the 17th, saying, “When you look at him playing, he looks like a 45-year-old player.” It is pointed out that he lacks mobility to play as a starter.

In fact, Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag brought in 2003-born midfielder Hannibal Mebri in the 29th minute of the second half against Brighton and called Casemiro to the bench.

Manchester United paid a huge sum of 60 million pounds (about 99.1 billion won) to Real Madrid last summer to bring Casemiro. The contract period is four years, so Manchester United must keep Casemiro until 2026. Casemiro was born in 1992 and is only 31 years old. His skills dropped too rapidly for his age, putting Manchester United in an awkward situation.

Fortunately, Manchester United signed Sofiane Amrabat on loan at the end of the transfer market. Amrabat is a defensive midfielder who led Morocco to the semifinals at the Qatar World Cup last year. He also performed well at his former team Fiorentina, becoming a recognized player in Italy’s Serie A. Am Rabat has yet to make his debut due to injury, but he is said to be improving his condition and adjusting his playing time.

Looking at the current atmosphere, it is highly likely that Casemiro’s playing time will be drastically reduced if Amrabat returns.

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