BTS Suga, ‘NBA Superstar’ Curry followed by Doncic

 BTS member Suga met another NBA superstar.

Known as an avid basketball fan, Suga met Stephen Curry in Japan in September of last year, and met Dallas ace Luka Doncic on the 13th. 메이저놀이터

Dallas vs Lakers match at Arena in Los Angeles, California. Suga greeted NBA superstar Doncic before the match and even took a picture.

The main character of this match was Doncic. About 10 seconds before the end of regular time, when the defeat was clear, Doncic scored a dramatic 3-pointer and dragged the game into overtime.

A fierce seesaw game continued in overtime. This time, the Lakers’ victory was close, but Doncic put in a stepback 3 points in a clutch situation and continued the game into the second overtime.

The visiting team, which had succeeded in relentlessly pursuing, laughed at the end. Dallas got ahead of the Lakers at the end of the game with players including Doncic’s field goal bursting out.

The final record was a 119-115 victory for the visiting team, Dallas. Doncic scored 35 points, 14 rebounds and 13 assists, and recorded a triple double, winning a decision victory in a confrontation with LeBron, who struggled with a double double.

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