Can Gangwon FC overcome the inferiority and record the first win of the season?

Gangwon FC, which fell into a winless pit at the beginning of the season, challenges Gwangju FC, which is causing a ‘promoted team sensation’, for the first win.

Gangwon FC will play an away match against Gwangju FC at the Gwangju Soccer Stadium on the 23rd at 2:00 pm in the Hanawon Q K League 1 2023 Round 8. After opening 7 games, 3 draws, 4 losses, 3 goals and 9 conceded points, Gangwon is sluggish with 2 consecutive losses, from the 6th round against Jeju (0-1 loss) to the 7th round against Incheon (0-2 loss). As they are at the bottom in terms of total number of shots and expected goals, they need to revive their offense to win.

In order to do that, we desperately need the scorers of this season, such as Kim Dae-won, Yang Hyun-jun, Dino, and Alibayev.

In addition, Gangwon has recently revealed its weakness that it is vulnerable to penetration into the space behind the defense. It is also necessary to build a solid defensive line, but it is a situation where stronger pressure is needed so that the opponent cannot make an infiltration pass in the midfield.

On the other hand, Gwangju is creating a sensation with their attacking soccer without retreating.

Gwangju is currently in 5th place with 4 wins and 3 losses, and showed two more scoring games, including the 4th round against Incheon (5-0 win) and the 7th round against Daegu (4-3 win). In addition to this, Asani, who recorded the first hat-trick in the K-League this season, is fierce. The key to Gwangju tactics is to adjust player positions to match the opponent’s formation and secure a numerical advantage. Based on this, after coping with the opponent’s pressure, they aim for empty spaces to create many scoring opportunities. As a result, Gwangju made a total of 87 shots in the preceding 7 games, recording the 3rd most shots among 12 K-League 1 teams.

Meanwhile, the total record of both teams is 7 wins,먹튀검증 9 draws and 5 losses, with Gwangju slightly ahead. Also, in the last 10 matches, Gwangju has the advantage with 3 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses. Attention is focusing on whether Gangwon will be able to break Gwangju’s winning streak and take its first win on this day.

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