Celtic manager “Oh Hyun-kyu will be a key member of Klins Manho”

Angers Postecoglu Celtic manager praised Klinsmann’s striker Oh Hyun-gyu (Celtic).

Oh Hyun-kyu was named on the replacement list for the 2022-23 Scottish Premiership round 32 away match against Kilmarnock held at Rugby Park in Kilmarnock, Scotland on the 16th (Korean time), and was put in place of Furuhashi Kyogo at the start of the second half and played until the end of the game. .

On this day, with Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany) watching, Oh Hyun-gyu played the 45th minute of the second half and showed active movements, but could not add any attack points.

After leaving Suwon Samsung through the winter transfer window in January and changing to a Celtic uniform, he has scored three goals this season, including two in the league and one in the Scottish FA Cup.

Coach Postecoglu reported on ‘BBC Scotland’ that he met with manager Klinsman before the game and had a conversation about Oh Hyun-kyu.

Coach Postecoglu said, “Oh Hyun-kyu played well for 45 minutes. He played hard and there were physical fights. His movements were a bit disappointing, but Oh Hyun-kyu will continue to improve.”

He continued,먹튀검증 “Coach Klinsman wants to keep an eye on Oh Hyun-kyu. I’m sure Oh Hyun-kyu will become a key player in Klinsman’s managerial system.”

Oh Hyun-kyu received attention as a substitute in a series of A matches against Colombia (2-2 draw) and Uruguay (1-2 loss) in March. In particular, against Uruguay, the goal was canceled due to offside, but he also showed sharp shooting skills.

Director Klinsman raised his thumb in an interview with ‘Sky Sports’, saying, “Oh Hyun-gyu has a very special talent.”

“I played with him in two matches against Colombia and Uruguay, and Oh left a very positive impression,” Klinsmann said. “It is not easy for a young player to be given the opportunity to play for a big club like Celtic. Even if you play for a few minutes with me, it will be a big learning.”

He continued, “I would like to encourage young players to advance to Europe. I want them to try their best once they come here, no matter what happens.”

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