Champions League Success + 20% Salary Increase… Maguire’s weekly wage ‘400 million jump’ → ‘Should I leave Manchester United?’

Manchester United’s plan to recruit a defender was hindered by Harry Maguire’s high weekly wage.

British media ‘Evening Standard’ reported on the 12th (Korean time), “Man United are ready to sell Maguire, but Maguire is currently in a strange position.”

After finishing third in the league last season and returning to the stage of the UEFA (European Football Federation) Champions League, Manchester United immediately participated in the transfer market and began to reinforce their strength.

Currently, the player closest to the man trend is South Korean defender Kim Min-jae (SSC Napoli). The 2022/23 season Serie A champion and best defender Kim Min-jae was selected as Manchester United’s number one defender recruitment target.

Manchester United wants to strengthen the defense by paying for Kim Min-jae buyout, which is known to be at least 50 million euros (approximately 69.3 billion won), but before that, the release work was not smooth, and there were setbacks in Kim Min-jae recruitment.

Currently, there are four central defenders playing in Manchester United’s first team: Raphael Varane, Lisandro Martinez, Victor Lindelof and Harry Maguire. Among them, Baran and Lisandro are currently Manchester United’s main centre-backs.

Lindelof is a three-option defender, but he’s likely to stay because he played great as a backup last season. However, Manchester United captain and defender Maguire, who is 194 cm tall and weighs 100 kg, had a sluggish year and was listed as a target for release.

The media also predicted the release of Maguire, saying, “Maguire, a 4-option defender at Manchester United, will have to get more opportunities to play in the first team in order to become a member of the England national team at the upcoming Euro 2024 (2024 European Football Championship).”

Man Utd is planning to release Maguire to secure a place in the squad and invest the transfer fee obtained from the release of Maguire in the recruitment of Kim Min-jae, but the team that is promoting Maguire recruitment does not appear and is in trouble.

The reason why offers are not coming to Maguire, who was once the main defender of the England national team, is none other than the high wages of the player.

The media, citing the ‘The Athletic’ report, explained, “Man United are ready to sell Maguire this summer, but his £190,000-a-week salary (about 300 million won) is a level that other teams can’t even dare.”먹튀검증

In addition, as Man United succeeded in advancing to the Champions League, Maguire’s weekly wage is expected to increase more than now. ‘Daily Mail’ reported in April that “players will receive a salary increase of up to 20% if Manchester United finish the season in the top four of the league.”

If Maguire’s wages increase by 20%, that would be £228,000 a week. It is about 368 million won in Hanwha, so it is inevitable that other teams will be very burdened.

In addition, the huge weekly wage can make Maguire not have any complaints at least in the game, so Manchester United’s dream of replacing a defender has only deepened.

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