Chasing the fleeing wife and murdering her with a hatchet… 40 years in prison on appeal

A man in his 50s who visited his wife and killed her while demanding a settlement despite having a restraining order due to domestic violence was sentenced to a heavy sentence in the appeals court.

On the 12th, the 3rd Criminal Division of the Daejeon High Court (Presiding Judge Kim Byeong-sik) dismissed all appeals from both sides in the appeal trial of Mr. A (51), who was arrested and indicted on charges of violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment for Specific Crimes (Retaliation Injury, Retaliation Murder) and the Act on Special Cases for Domestic Violence Crimes. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison, the same as Sim.

Mr. A is accused of killing his wife, B (44), at 3:16 pm on October 4 last year by swinging a hatchet and weapon prepared in advance after visiting a beauty salon in Seosan, South Chungcheong Province.

At the time, Mr. A did not stop the crime despite being stopped by passers-by who heard the screams of Mr. B running away, and only stopped after the passers-by subdued him with a shovel from the vehicle.

Afterwards, Mr. A was arrested as a red-light criminal by the온라인바카라 dispatched police, and Mr. B, who was seriously injured, was taken to the hospital but eventually died.

Mr. B, who died, had reported domestic violence four times in about a month.

It was revealed that Mr. A committed the crime by refusing to agree to a domestic violence incident that occurred earlier, even after receiving a restraining order 15 days before the incident.

Afterwards, their children posted a petition for public approval at the National Assembly, demanding severe punishment, saying, “If my father is released from prison with a limited-term sentence instead of a life-sentence, life will be difficult for fear of retaliation.”

The first trial court, which examined the case, ordered 40 years in prison and 15 years of wearing an electronic anklet, saying, “Mr. A shows an attitude of blaming his wife rather than admitting and reflecting on his crime,” and added, “From now on, the child will have his father watch over his mother.” “It is impossible to estimate whether he will be able to withstand the shock of being murdered,” he added.

In the appellate trial, which was appealed by both sides, Mr. A claimed, “I committed the crime accidentally out of anger over my wife’s affair, and it was not for the purpose of retaliation.”

Accordingly, the prosecution requested a life sentence, saying, “Mr. A blames the victim and does not reflect at all, and the risk of reoffending is also ‘high’, so he should be severely punished.”

The second trial court pointed out, “Mr. A heard that he could avoid severe punishment if the victim agreed, so he asked for agreement through his children or directly, but when he continued to be rejected, he committed a crime.”

At the same time, “Even though he knew about the victim’s condition, who suffered from domestic violence and divorce was the only way out, Mr. A, instead of sincerely apologizing to the victim and children, focuses on the issue of infidelity and justifies the crime,” he said. “There is evidence that the victim committed an affair.” “is nowhere to be found, and the victim struggled to escape from the defendant until the very end,” he scolded.

The second trial court dismissed both sides’ appeals and handed down the same sentence as the first trial, saying, “It is difficult to say that the sentence of the original trial was illegal as it went beyond the reasonable range of discretion.”

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