Chinese people who boycott their own stores… Japanese who don’t accept customers

The conflict between China and Japan over the discharge of contaminated water is intensifying. Following a boycott campaign in China, even a video of throwing Japanese products on the floor was uploaded, and the Japanese government announced that it was considering whether to file a complaint against China, which had completely banned the import of Japanese seafood products, to the World Trade Organization.

Correspondent Jung Young-tae from Beijing.


A store owner in Qingdao, China, throws Japanese ice cream and 메이저놀이터snacks on the floor.

[Grocery store owner: This is a Japanese product, so the store won’t sell it.] I posted a video on social media

after discarding 3.6 million won worth of Japanese products . A restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, posted a notice saying, “Inform the Chinese,” and “All ingredients in the restaurant are from Fukushima.” [Japanese Police: It means don’t come to the store if you don’t want to eat ingredients from Fukushima.] [Chinese Reporter: From a Chinese point of view, writing like that is discriminatory.] A Japanese TV show said contaminated water before giving a Chinese travel visa to a Chinese. A performer’s remark that they should be made to drink a cup further fueled anti-Japanese sentiment in China. Reservations for air tickets to Japan have decreased by 1/3 in one week, and refunds from existing reservations are also following one after another.

In response to the soaring anti-Japanese sentiment in China, Japanese ministers took a hardline response by pouring out criticism all at once, saying,’Think based on scientific evidence.’

[Yasutoshi Nishimura/Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan: (From China) I get a lot of bullying calls from hospitals. [ Sanae

Takaichi/Japan’s Economic Security Minister: We are considering countermeasures in any form, such as filing a WTO complaint ( to

China’s import ban).] Criticism of the release continued.

[Wang Wenbin/Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson: The strong anger of the people of each country (due to the discharge of contaminated water) is what has led to the current situation.]

In the battle of emotions between the people of China and Japan, the two governments also confronted each other fiercely. The conflict between the two is going to the end of the day.

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