Critical Emergency Level 1 for Jangsu Earthquake in Jeonbuk… Prime Minister Han Deok-soo “Check the damage”

When a magnitude 3.5 earthquake occurred in an area 17km north of Jangsu-gun, Jeollabuk-do (Cheoncheon-myeon) at 7:07 p.m. (Critical script) It was announced that the first stage had been activated.

At the same time, the crisis warning level was issued. Earthquake crisis warnings are issued in the order of attention-caution-warning-seriousness.

According to the National Fire Agency, a total of 39 reports that the earthquake was felt until 7:50 p.m. for more than 40 minutes after the earthquake occurred, including 30 cases in Jeonbuk, 1 case in Jeonnam, 1 case in Chungbuk, 4 cases in Gyeongbuk, 2 cases in Gyeongnam, and 메이저놀이터1 case in Busan. thing came in No damages have been reported so far.

The instrument seismic intensity, which refers to the level of shaking felt in each region, was the highest at 5 in Jeonbuk, where the earthquake occurred. This meant that most people felt the vibration.

In Gyeongnam, Chungnam, and Chungbuk, the gauge intensity was 3, and in Gyeongbuk, Gwangju, Daejeon, and Jeonnam, it was 2. Gauge seismic intensity 3 is ‘the degree to which people inside, especially on the upper floors of buildings noticeably shake, and stopped cars slightly shake’, and ‘2’ refers to ‘the degree to which a small number of people in a quiet state or on the upper floors of buildings feel shaking’.

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo ordered the related ministries to quickly check damage and take emergency measures.

Prime Minister Han first instructed the Minister of Public Administration and Security to “quickly check the damage caused by the earthquake.” Prime Minister Han then ordered the head of the Korea Forest Service to “check and prepare for the possibility of landslides caused by the earthquake.”

In addition, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of Science and ICT, and the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport were instructed to “thoroughly check to prevent disruptions to national infrastructure services such as nuclear power plants, electricity, communication, and transportation, and take full-fledged emergency measures.”

Prime Minister Han also added, “Relevant ministries must maintain an emergency work system to thoroughly prepare for the possibility of additional earthquakes.”

An official from the Prime Minister’s Office said, “It has been confirmed that there is no damage to the Saemangeum site in Buan-gun, North Jeolla Province, where the 2023 World Scout Jamboree will be held from the 1st of next month.”

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