Daegu FC challenges to win the 7th ‘Fan-Friendly Club Award’

Daegu FC is aiming for its 7th win in the ‘Fan-Friendly Club Award’, which is given to the club with the most fan-friendly activities among K-League clubs.

Fan voting for the 2023 1st K-League ‘Fan Friendly Club Award’ selected by the Korea Professional Football Federation will be held for three days from May 30 to June 1. They were nominated for 5 teams selected by them.

This award, which is selected three times each during the season, is based on the K League 1 round 13, and is the highest by adding 40% of the 1st committee score for the selection of candidate clubs and 40% of the press and 20% of the fans in the 2nd group vote. Prizes are awarded to the team that scores.

This award, which was established in 2013, Daegu FC has been selected six times in a row from 2019 to 2020 since the opening of DGB Daegu Bank Park, and has shown its potential to win the award for two consecutive years, including the general award given at the end of the season.

While Ulsan has been unrivaled in this award since the era of Daegu FC, this season Daegu aims to win the 7th ‘Fan-Friendly Club Award’ by opening an era of 10,000 average spectators again since the 2019 season.토토사이트

Daegu’s strongest competitor, league No. 1 Ulsan, mobilized more than 130,000 spectators during the 8 matches played at home, while Seoul, which was also nominated, led the league with an average spectator of 24,000, and also mobilized spectators in the promoted team match. It is located above Daegu.

Although the average spectator itself is relatively small due to the small stadium size, Daegu, which boasts a hot seat occupancy rate and stadium heat, will win the award again after two years and how many votes it will receive in the fan vote.

Daegu, which is a popular team, is showing its elevated status by recording 10,000 reservations for a home game against FC Seoul on Sunday evening.

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