Davis’ performance, recognized by the enemy general, “dominated the game”

Even the enemy generals were tongue-in-cheek at Davis’ performance.

The Los Angeles Lakers won 117-112 in a game against the Golden State Warriors in the first leg of the second round of the 2022-2023 NBA playoffs held at the Chase Center in the United States on the 3rd (Korean time).

It was the Lakers that five players scored double digits that day. Anthony Davis (208cm, FC) scored 30 points, 23 rebounds and 5 assists, LeBron James (203cm, F) scored 22 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists, and D’Angelo Russell (193cm, G) and Dennis Schroeder (185cm, G) both scored 19 points. recorded Austin Reeves (196cm, G) also did his part with 10 points and 5 rebounds.

In particular, Davis digested his role not only in offense but also in defense. He kept the team under the goal. He was not pushed back in the fight against the Golden State big men. He also recorded 4 blocked shots. He was the heart of the Lakers defense.

The Lakers didn’t catch the mood in the early days. Although Davis put up 14 points, as he failed to prevent his opponents from scoring outside. However, in the second quarter, Schroeder perfectly played the role of charge captain, and the Lakers, who scored evenly from other players, reversed themselves. And in the third quarter, Russell and Reeves’ scoring power revived and widened the score difference.

Even at the end of the 4th quarter, Stephen Curry (188cm, G) conceded consecutive runs and was chased by 3 points. However, in the last minute and 5 seconds of the game, he did not concede and won the game. In particular, Davies’ monstrous under-the-goal defense, including his convex shot, was the driving force that kept the Lakers from conceding points.크크크벳

Golden State coach Steve Kerr, who was blocked by the Lakers defense and lost, also acknowledged Davis’ performance. “I think Davis played a really good game,” Kerr said in a postgame interview. he dominated the game. He recorded 4 blocked shots. We struggled against his defense.”

“The Lakers have been the best defensive team in the league over the past few months. Davis is playing a big part in that.”

The Lakers won a valuable victory in the first game of the second round of the playoffs, especially on the road. The player who played the biggest role among them was Davis. That’s how the Lakers started the playoff series in a good mood.

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