Did the Dodgers get rid of Bellinger? 0-for-11 in Cubs debut series

The Los Angeles Dodgers split Cody Bellinger on a non-tender ahead of the season. When it showed no sign of resurrection, it was boldly abandoned. The ransom was also expensive.

Bellinger eventually signed a one-year,먹튀검증 $17.5 million contract with the Chicago Cubs. Chicago was sure he would regain his MVP form.

After Bellinger regained his sense of hitting with the Cubs, he vowed to hit his long-term contract “big hit.”

However, he is ahead of his mind, but his body is not following.

In three straight games against the Milwaukee Brewers, Bellinger went 0-for-11, walked one, and struck out four.

He’s off to a bad start. However, he is still in the early stages, so it is difficult to make a hasty conclusion. Because he never knows when it will explode.

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