“Don’t get married until my child graduates”… teacher screaming

“The unmarried teacher teaches the children well with passion, but the teacher doesn’t marry until my son graduates.” Amid the recent controversy over infringement of

teaching rights, special early childhood teacher A said, “I heard this directly from the parents of children who entered the 3-year-old special class on the day of the entrance ceremony카지노사이트.” Mr. A explains that it is one of the malicious complaints from parents.

On the 24th, the Gyeonggi Teachers’ Union announced that it had started the ‘ me too ‘ movement to protect teachers from infringement of teacher rights and malicious complaints. The labor union said, “Malignant civil complaints that kill education, child abuse that puts shackles on teachers. Now, please tell us!’ and has received malicious complaints from parents.

According to the labor union, a recent case of extreme choice by a new teacher at Seoi Elementary School in Seocho-gu, Seoul took place. From the 21st to the 23rd, after the incident, 1228 teachers posted 1665 cases of infringement of teaching rights and malicious complaints through the website.

A teacher at a public kindergarten complained that she was asked, “My child cannot eat vegetables at home, but please feed them at the kindergarten. However, do not force feed them.” Teachers explained that there are many teachers suffering from panic disorder and depression because not a few parents have made similar demands.

A special education teacher argued that parental participation in educational activities should be restricted, saying that he had heard threatening remarks from parents, such as “Teacher, I have a lot of weapons”, “You know that I am a member of the parent association and school management committee, right?”, “Should I sue the teacher for child abuse?

The labor union released a press release on the same day and emphasized, “If we understand our teachers even a little bit, if we want to straighten out our collapsing educational reality, the education authorities should no longer turn a blind eye to the pain of teachers struggling with ever-increasing heavy responsibility and sharp pressure.” He added, “Educational authorities must consult closely with educational entities right now to come up with practical and concrete solutions to protect teaching rights.”

Previously, Mr. A (24), who was a first-year homeroom teacher at Seoi Elementary School, was found dead on the 18th around 11 am in the school. Since then, claims have been raised that the teacher suffered from excessive parental complaints, and the education authorities and police plan to conduct a detailed investigation into the allegations.

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