“Don’t look for me”… Rescue after 6-hour confrontation in the 30s suggesting ‘extreme choice’

In Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, a man in his 30s who sent a text메이저놀이터 message implying an extreme choice to his family was rescued without any problems thanks to the prompt response of police, firefighting, and counseling experts.

According to the Gimhae City Public Health Center, at 11:40 am on the 20th, Mr. A, who lives in an apartment in Jinyeong-eup, sent a cell phone text message to her family saying, “Don’t look for me.” The family who received the text immediately reported it to 112, and counselors specializing in the police, fire, and Gimhae Mental Health and Welfare Center visited the scene.

They confronted Mr. A, who was trying to harm or commit suicide with a weapon, for six hours and persistently persuaded him to safely rescue him. During this process, it was confirmed that the fire department installed an air mat on the first floor of the apartment, and a professional counselor and family continued to talk with Mr. A through the window on the corridor side of the apartment.

After being rescued, Mr. A was taken to the hospital for psychiatric counseling and treatment. Mr. A is reported to have said that he suffered financial difficulties due to his lack of a job, and that his mood continued to be depressed due to his irregular life.

Heo Mok, director of the Gimhae City Public Health Center, said, “The establishment of an emergency response council to effectively deal with psychiatric emergencies has been very helpful in this crisis situation.”

※ If you have troubles such as depression that are difficult to talk about, or if you have family or acquaintances around you who are experiencing these difficulties, call the suicide prevention hotline ☎1393, the mental health hotline ☎1577-0199, the hope hotline ☎129, the life hotline ☎1588-9191, and the youth hotline ☎1388 to receive expert counseling 24 hours a day. Gimhae citizens can contact the Gimhae City Mental Health and Welfare Center ☎055-329-6521~5 during the day.

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