‘Don’t worry too much~’ The dinosaur corps brothers met by the giant Ridoff, solve the problem of elbow pain neatly?

 Ahn Kwon-soo of Lotte, who is suffering from right elbow pain, met with his older brothers from Doosan, his parent team, and confessed his concerns.

On the 23rd, the NC team visited Sajik Stadium in Busan for a three-week series match against Lotte, and Ahn Kwon-soo, who was practicing left field defense in the outfield, greeted them.

The first player to greet Ahn Kwon-soo was closer Lee Yong-chan, who showed off his shaved fighting spirit.

After moving the team to Lotte, Lee Yong-chan presented a warm scene by sharing greetings with Ahn Kwon-soo, who has established himself as an indispensable player, shoulder to shoulder.

As soon as Son A-seop, who is in the same outfield position, saw Ahn Kwon-soo, he pointed to his right elbow and asked how he was doing. Son Ah-seop worried about him by exuding a chic and affectionate tsundere charm.

After greeting Son Ah-seop, Ahn Kwon-soo ate a pot of rice during his Doosan days, meeting and talking with Park Gun-woo and Park Se-hyuk in turn, creating a friendly look.메이저사이트

On the other hand, Lotte and NC, which are running 3rd and 4th in the 3.5 game car, predicted Na Kyun-an and Shin Min-hyuk as the starters for today’s game.

Fans are interested in what kind of game Lotte, who had two consecutive losses to SSG at home last weekend, will play against NC.

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