Eco-friendly ‘good consumption’ message… K-Fashion Philosophy Unfolded on the Diplomatic Stage

●Continuing to convey ‘ethical consumption’ by carrying upcycling bags

The most noticeable thing about Ms. Kim’s fashion is the consistent message of ‘good consumption’ and ‘ethical consumption’. It appears to be a choice that reflects Ms. Kim’s values, which emphasize eco-friendliness. Mrs. Kim also likes ‘apple leather’ bags made from recycled peels and seeds left over from making jam and juice, and bags made from upcycled coffee sacks and Korean paper leather. Thanks to this, domestic brands such as bag manufacturers ‘Marhenj’ and ‘Halli K’ attracted attention on the international stage.

Mrs. Kim also uses her trip as an opportunity to visit eco-friendly stores overseas. Last November, Ms. Kim toured a company in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, that made bags and accessories from recycled plastic made by melting down discarded fishing nets. In June of last year, she visited Ecolp, a 100% recycled clothing store in Madrid, Spain, touched shoes made from used tires and talked to her officials about Spain’s climate and environmental policies. .Ms. Kim’s re-wearing of clothes she once wore at an official event can also be read as a message. On this trip, Ms. Kim again wore the dress she wore to her gala dinner hosted by the King of Spain in June last year. However, she created a different atmosphere by wearing ‘batik’, a traditional Indonesian clothing, over the dress. The shoes worn with the dress were from ‘Anthony’, a brand located on the handmade shoe street in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu. Regarding this, an official from the President’s Office said in a phone call with the Seoul Shinmun on the 14th, “By recycling the dress to spread the message of environmental protection, and at the same time choosing shoes from a small and medium-sized brand, she served as a public relations ambassador for the domestic fashion industry.” “It is positive that Mrs. Kim is taking eco-friendly steps and taking the lead in ESG activities,” said Moon Hyeong-nam, director of the National ESG Research Institute. “It will be an opportunity for ordinary citizens who do not embody sustainable consumption for the global environment to follow the first lady and participate in good consumption.” “I saw it.

●Introducing products made by small business owners at official events

Mrs. Kim tends to ‘mix and match’ eco-friendly products such as eco bags and mid- to low-priced domestic brands with luxury clothing. A representative example is the wearing of a Dior blouse and a bag from the domestic small business brand ‘Billion Item’ at the early voting site for the June 1st local elections last year. Among the spouses of foreign leaders, former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama is famous for enjoying this mix and match.

Since taking office as President Yoon, Mrs. Kim has been purchasing메이저놀이터 all the costumes and props she wears at official appearances at her own expense. In particular, we mainly buy products from domestic small businesses. The same goes for the Grace Bag from domestic small business brand Billionthem, which was held in the hands of Ms. Kim during her visit to Indonesia and India from the 5th to the 11th. Billionitem is a one-person company founded by a female designer who took a career break after giving birth.

An official from the President’s Office said, “We understand that Mrs. Kim purchases and wears domestic brands at her own expense in order to empower small business owners and promote her K-culture.” According to multiple sources, Ms. Kim often prepares and sends gifts at her own expense after another normal spouse asks her, “What kind of Korean cosmetics do you use?” As Mrs. Kim revealed in her first foreign media interview, she is acting as a ‘K-culture salesperson who widely publicizes and promotes overseas.’

●Emphasis on career women rather than ‘mother figures’ who wear hanbok

There is also a view that Mrs. Kim’s fashion is linked to the title of ‘the first businesswoman-turned-first lady.’ Examples include wearing a pocket chief (or a decorative handkerchief) with a suit, or wearing a dress or skirt that is neat but has designs such as cutouts, depending on the time, place, and situation. Park Young-sil, an adjunct professor at Myongji University, said, “Ms. Kim is showing a different side from first ladies who enjoyed wearing hanbok and showing a ‘mother figure,’” adding, “Times have changed, but she is showing her differentiation as a career woman in the art world and sending a positive message through fashion.” “We are delivering,” he said.

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