‘Eight consecutive 3-point shots failed?’ Still, curry in the clutch

It was a shot feeling unlike Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors).

Curry hit both 3-pointers in the first quarter. However, the 3-point shot did not listen from the second quarter. He missed three 3-pointers in a row in the 2nd quarter, 3 in the 3rd quarter and 2 in the 4th quarter. He accumulated points with two-pointers, but there was no overwhelming Curry appearance. Golden State was also chased 107-106 in the middle of the 4th quarter.

moment of crisis. In the end, Golden State’s solution was Curry.

Curry hit a tough shot 5 minutes and 21 seconds before the end, leading 107-106. He scored 2 points even in a situation where he was chased by the offensive time limit. He maintained the lead with consecutive assists, and widened the score with an exquisite layup that hit the top of the backboard 2 minutes and 20 seconds before the end of the 115-112 lead. 22.1 seconds before the end, 119 to 114, he fooled the defenders and put a layup. The extra free throw was successful, ending the bloody battle.

Golden State beat the Sacramento Kings 123-116 in the 2022-2023 NBA Western Conference Round 1 Game 5 away game held at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California on the 27th (Korean time). 3 wins in a row after 2 losses in a row. Game 6 will be held at Golden State home.

Curry came out as a clutch time solver. The 3-pointer continued to miss the rim, but the 2-pointer made 10 of 15 shots. He also made 5 out of 6 free throws. 31 points and 8 assists. In particular, he scored 10 points only in the 4th quarter, which became the match.

With 3727 points in his playoff career, Curry moved up to 5th all-time, surpassing Magic Johnson (3701 points).

On the other hand, Sacramento ace De’Aaron Fox faltered in the fourth quarter. Although he won the newly established Clutch of the Year award this season, he could not overcome the injury to his left index finger. He suffered from touching his left hand throughout the fourth quarter. He led Sacramento with 24 points and nine assists, but had no points in the fourth quarter. All four shots attempted within five minutes of the end of the fourth quarter missed.

In addition to Curry, Draymond Green and Kevon Rooney performed brilliantly at Golden State.

Green recorded 21 points and seven assists along with an efficient offense that made eight of 10 shooting attempts. First 20+ point game of the season. Green’s last game of 20 or more points was against the Houston Rockets on December 27,ㅋㅋㅋ벳 2019 (20 points). Rooney recorded 7 assists along with 22 rebounds (7 offensive).

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