Even in the scorching sun, cloud spectators flocked to the Japanese WBC championship trophy touring exhibition

On the 16th and 18th, the Orix Buffaloes and the Chiba Lotte Marines played three games in a row at Jojo Marine Stadium in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

The game started at 6:00 pm, but not a few people visited the Jojo Marine Stadium from 12:00 noon for these 3 consecutive games. It was to see the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) championship trophy held in March. The trophies brought by Japan when they won the WBC are being exhibited on a tour of 12 clubs, and this was Chiba Lotte’s turn.

The exhibition hours are from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The trophy was displayed on an outdoor stage outside the baseball field, but it was not exposed to the outside because it was covered by a large screen. If you line up in turn and go inside the screen, commemorative photos of the Japanese national team players, Chiba Lotte coach Masato Yoshii, who participated in the WBC as a coach, the uniform of Chiba Lotte pitcher Rocky Sasaki, who was a national team player, and the championship trophy are on display.

On the 16th, about an hour before the start of the match, I visited Jojo Marine Stadium, but I couldn’t see it because there was an endless line of spectators to see the trophy. Even though only those with tickets for the game on the day were allowed to watch, the line did not decrease because it was a baseball field that could accommodate 30,000 people, so the viewing failed. “If you line up now, you cannot see the exhibition before 7:00, the closing time of the exhibition,” continued to flow.

On the 17th, around 12 noon, I visited Jojo Marine Stadium again. As the exhibition time, which starts at 1:00, approached, the line started to increase little by little. Even though I thought I had arrived early, the reporter’s order was about 50th. There were many people wearing Chiba Lotte uniforms, but there were also people wearing national team T-shirts. Even in the scorching sun without a shadow in the weather of about 30 degrees, people flocked without hesitation.

When it was our turn to enter the exhibition hall, the uniforms of coach Yoshii and Sasaki were covered with the signatures of the national team. And on the far right, a championship trophy made by American jewelry manufacturer Tiffany was on display. The trophy was about 60cm in size and about 11kg in weight, not as big as I thought. In order to avoid long queues, announcements were made repeatedly, “Please take pictures and videos while walking. Please walk without stopping.”먹튀검증

Japan’s pride in winning the WBC was felt in the long line to see the trophy throughout the three-game series. According to a local broadcaster, people who watched the trophy said, “I was happy to see (the trophy) because it is a very rare opportunity”, “I think it will become a treasure of Japan as much as (the players) played an active role on behalf of Japan”, “The trophy is sparkling It’s shiny and pretty” and so on.

In addition to the trophy display, Japan still has the afterglow of the WBC. It is not difficult to find advertisements for players from the Japanese national team, such as “superstar” Shohei Otani (LA Angels), Lars Nutba (St. Louis Cardinals), and Munetaka Murakami (Yakult Swallows). In particular, Nutba’s advertisement, which was a mixed-race Japanese player and made his face known at this tournament, made us realize the power of the WBC.

On the other hand, Korea was eliminated from the WBC early, so there was not much to ponder. They scattered as if there was no tournament, and the KBO league opened before there was any aftertaste. However, KBO formed a power reinforcement committee to avoid repeating this pain. At the 2026 WBC, will we have a chance to achieve good results and win a trophy like Japan?

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