Even the veteran selection was sent to the bullpen… Substitute foreigner from Cuba + MLB, will it be the last puzzle?

SSG Landers new foreign pitcher Roennis Elias is the last puzzle of the starting lineup.

Rookie pitcher Song Young-jin’s 5th start has come to an end. He won his third win of the season, although it was not a good record as he allowed 4 runs in 5 innings. On the 14th of last month, he made his first start against the NC Dinos and became the first winning pitcher in his debut.

Song Young-jin added one win against Hanwha. If so, can Song Young-jin continue to challenge for the Rookie of the Year title? First of all, there are not many opportunities for additional selection for Song Young-jin. Foreign pitchers Kirk McCarty and Kim Gwang-hyun are regulars, while submarine pitcher Park Jong-hoon and left-hander Oh Won-seok are also in the starting rotation. And Elias, who will join in place of Annie Romero, who left due to a shoulder injury, will take a spot. 

Elias, who entered through Incheon International Airport on the 7th, lived in Songdo, Incheon, and trained at SSG Futures Field in Ganghwa Island, where SSG 2nd Division is located. He made his first bullpen pitching on the 12th, and manager Kim Won-hyung showed satisfaction.

Elias will have a look at the timing of joining the first team after making a mound in the second group in the future. If that happens, SSG is overflowing with starting pitchers. First of all, veteran starting agent Moon Seung-won turned to the bullpen. Actually, this is not an easy decision.

Moon Seung-won signed a non-FA multi-year contract in December 2021. He signed for a total of 5.5 billion won (4.7 billion won in annual salary and 800 million won in options) over 5 years. And after surgery and rehabilitation, he returned last season. When he returned, the starting rotation was stable, so he joined a relatively weak bullpen.

Until then, it was considered ‘temporary’. He prepared for selection again during the off-season and camp period. However, he has struggled in recent games and moved to the bullpen. Not an easy choice. However, the reason this is possible is because the joining of a substitute foreign pitcher is imminent.

Even if Seung-Won Moon moves to the bullpen, if Elias joins, there will be six starting agents. So, rookie Song Young-jin can also be excluded from the starting rotation. If so, Elias should show value by sending Moon Seung-won to the bullpen and leaving out Song Young-jin, who is also watching the possibility of a rookie title challenge.메이저사이트

The starting lineup was incomplete due to Romero lying down. Whether Elias can be the final puzzle remains to be seen. Every year, a foreign pitcher comes out who is sick. Last season it was Ivan Nova, and this year it was Eni Romero. Besides, how quickly Elias can adapt to the league will be key.

At the time the club recruited Elias, it was evaluated as “a highly complete left-handed pitcher with all the capabilities required of a starting pitcher, such as pitch position, control, breaking ball ability, and game management,” but the lid needs to be opened.

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