Every game is a growth drama..’European leagues are also interested’

Our soccer team participating in the Under-20 World Cup.

Expectations for the future of Korean soccer are growing as they are praised for their progress in each game

18-year-old defender Kim Ji-soo, who received attention from the European soccer community even before the tournament.

He competed with the attackers, complementing Choi Seok-hyun, who was relatively short in height.. He was the core of the defense enough to play full-time in all but one game.먹튀검증

[Kim Ji-soo/U-20 National Soccer Team]
“I didn’t defend alone, I think we were able to defend well because all the players helped…”

Bae Jun-ho was the center of tactics.

Following a fantastic assist and goal… winning a penalty kick and playing tricks on the opposing defense, he caught all eyes after the round of 16.

[Bae Joon-ho/U-20 National Soccer Team]
“I feel sorry for not being able to create an offensive point myself, and I feel sorry for not being able to help my teammates.”

The surprise performances of players without professional careers were also dazzling.

Captain Lee Seung-won, who only has experience in the 4th division, was involved in 6 of the team’s 9 goals and stood shoulder to shoulder with Lee Kang-in four years ago.

[Kim Eun-joong/U-20 national team coach]
“We also have players who have grown so much that it’s surprising.. Having been with us for about a year and seven months, we proved that we ‘drew out a potential that we didn’t even know we had’ and that we were ‘competitive’, so the players grew one step further. I think I did.”

As the game continues to improve, expectations for the future of Korean soccer are growing beyond this tournament.

[Ahn Jung-hwan/MBC commentator]
“When you look at the level of patience and restraint of persevering games, these players will eventually become the main players in 2026…”

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