“Excellent pitching beyond expectations” All commentary is highly praised…Lee Jae-hak, QS in 284 days

NC Lee Jae-hak showed off his perfect pitch in the Changwon Samsung Match on the 21st, proving his health. 

Coach Kang In-kwon said before the game, “I have nothing more to wish for if Lee Jae-hak throws his best for 5 innings. There is no problem with the number of pitches while digesting the starting rotation in the Futures. I look forward to seeing him unleash his full potential.” 

Lee Jae-hak, who climbed the first team mound for the first time this season, showed off perfect pitches for six scoreless innings. He didn’t give up a single hit. All he gave up was two walks. He struck out four. Out of 82 total pitches, 53 were strikes. He reached a maximum velocity of 146 km and threw a mix of curveball, changeup, and cut fastball. 

He was good from the start. In the first inning, Lee Jae-hak, who had to ground Kim Ji-chan and Kim Hyeon-joon, allowed Ja-wook Koo to walk, but Pirella threw a fly ball to second base. Lee Jae-hak, who tied Kim Tae-gun (second base fly ball), Oh Jae-il (missing strikeout), and Kang Min-ho (shortstop ground ball), struck out Kim Young-woong and Lee Jae-hyun consecutively in the third inning. After two outs, Ji-chan Kim’s walk and stealing second base sent the runner to scoring position, but Kim Hyun-joon was lightly dealt with a ground ball from first base and sighed. 

Lee Jae-hak, who treated Ja-wook Koo, Pirella, and Tae-gun Kim with 9 balls in the 4th inning, led Jae-il Oh and Min-ho Kang to a left fielder’s fly ball and a shortstop’s ground ball, respectively, in the 5th inning, and then put Kim Young-woong to sleep with a 3-ball swing strikeout. In the 6th inning, he lightly turned Lee Jae-hyeon and Kim Ji-chan into center fielders with a fly. After two outs, Kim Hyeon-jun’s batted ball was handled by shortstop Kim Joo-won, and the scoreless march continued. 

Lee Jae-hak passed the baton to Kim Jin-ho in the 7th inning, leading 1-0. After meeting Doosan in Jamsil on August 10 of last year, he came down the mound after meeting the conditions for a starting win in 284 days, but the first victory of the season was missed as the second Kim Jin-ho allowed a tie. However, it was a game that proved itself to be still alive. 메이저사이트

SBS sports commentator Lee Soon-cheol, who was in charge of relaying the match, said, “Lee Jae-hak showed a very good pitch. He gave a great pitch beyond expectations.”

Meanwhile, Samsung won the game 2-1 after a bloody battle that lasted until the 12th inning.

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