Expanded tax investigation to ‘Ilta Instructor’… Lee Jun-seok “President Yoon’s ‘Ji-rok-wima'”

The last plenary session of the extraordinary National토토사이트 Assembly in June is being held. The issue of bringing the Yellow Envelope Act to the plenary session, where there is a large difference between the parties, and the designation of the Itaewon special bill as a fast track were the issues of the plenary session today (30th). All of them are being processed one by one led by the opposition. On the other hand, the scope of the tax investigation on the ‘private education interest cartel’ pointed out by President Yoon is gradually expanding. Let’s take a look at the related contents in news pick 5.[Reporter]< Clash at plenary session > The last news pick 5 begins with the news of the last plenary session of the National Assembly in June. These days, the relationship between the ruling and opposition parties is worse than ever. I was wondering if there was anything worse, but President Yoon Seok-yeol’s remarks about the ‘anti-state forces’ are taking a ‘hwaryong jeongjeong’. So today, ahead of the plenary session, Yeouido was excited.[Lee Jae-myeong/Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea: Only when we abandon the idea of ​​triggering conflict and confrontation among the people and using it to obtain political gains can national affairs be stabilized and the people shake off anxiety.] [Yoon Jae-ok/President of the People’s Power: Since the launch of the Yoon Seok-yeol administration, the Democratic Party has abandoned its stance as a public party for the people and abused the majority of seats to exercise unjust and unreasonable power. Is the plenary session a general assembly of the Democratic Party?]”Is the plenary session the Democratic Party’s general meeting?” The reason why Jae-ok Yoon said that is because of the opposition party’s resolution to stop the discharge of contaminated water from Fukushima. It seems that it is because the situation in the National Assembly, which flows according to the will of the 167-seat, ‘largest opposition party’ Democratic Party, is frustrating. Even at today’s plenary session, the Democratic Party announced early that it would forcefully handle several agenda items. First of all, it is the ‘yellow envelope method’. On the 24th of last month, the National Assembly’s Relations Committee decided to refer it directly to the plenary session led by the opposition party. Since the 30 days set by the National Assembly Act have passed, he said he would refer to the plenary session immediately. This point was clarified at the meeting of the ruling and opposition party leaders.[Park Kwang-on/President of the Democratic Party of Korea: According to the National Assembly Act, the Hwan-Ro Committee decided to refer directly to the plenary session, so the procedure for deciding whether or not to discuss in the plenary session is to proceed with the National Assembly Act procedure. We’ll do that far today.]It’s fortunate that we stopped here. The power of the people was that the Democratic Party made it ‘supposed’ today, that is, to a state that could be put to a vote / I was nervous inside whether it would even pass the actual plenary session. In this case, a ‘filibuster’, in other words, a policy of ‘unlimited discussion’ was also set up. The Democratic Party chose to ‘take a breath’ at one tempo. He said he would try to negotiate with the ruling party to process the agreement. But unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be going well. I don’t know exactly when it will be, but the ruling party’s ‘filibuster’, the opposition party’s ‘exclusive treatment’, and the president’s ‘exercise of the right to veto’ have already been established.’Kim Tae-Hyun’s Political Show’): It’s like a yellow envelope now, but people say that now people have a completely negative view of envelopes. First of all, the money envelope of the Democratic Party and the yellow envelope of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, these envelopes are suffering a mysterious defeat. That’s why we will definitely ask for the right to request reconsideration… ]Another bill that the Democratic Party is trying to enforce, this time is the ‘Itaewon Special Act’. Together with the Justice Party, the Basic Income Party, and the Progressive Party, yesterday we submitted an agreement on the designation of ‘Fast Track’ and submitted it to the plenary session today. It also contains the wishes of the bereaved families who want to find out the truth of the Itaewon disaster.[Jin Chang-hee/Family of Itaewon Disaster Bereavement ( 

MBC ‘Kim Jong-bae’s Attention’): Since I’m an ordinary citizen, I don’t know much about the law and procedures. Whether it takes 8 months or if 80,000 mountains remain, we are people who cannot give up, and I don’t think we can stop persuading the citizens and the government.] Whether it takes 8 months or not, 80,000 mountains remain. Whether or not this remains, we are the ones who cannot give up, and we will continue to persuade citizens, persuade the government, and we will not be able to stop persuading.This bill was also put on the discussion table of the ruling and opposition party leaders ahead of today’s plenary session, but an agreement was not reached. This is because the ruling party opposed the Itaewon special law, saying that it was not for the general election next year after all.[Yoon Jae-ok/President of People’s Power: Enforcement of the special law is only a step in raising the Itaewon disaster as an issue for the general election. I hope the Democratic Party will stop trying to use the victims’ families’ indescribable sadness and national goodwill for political offensives, and put their heads together on practical compensation measures such as compensation under the State Compensation Act and support for memorial projects.] This is how the ‘Yellow Envelope Act’ The ‘Itaewon Special Act’ alone is a noisy opposition party. There is one more thing that the Democratic Party is trying to say that it will even ‘single promotion’. It is a National Assembly investigation into the Board of Audit and Inspection. It started as a counter-offensive to the passport’s pressure from the National Election Commission. The controversy over the audit report of Jeon Hyun-hee, former chairman of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission, hit the final blow. Here, there seems to be an aspect that made the attitude of Secretary-General Yoo Byung-ho yesterday at the National Assembly Judiciary Committee harden his mind even more.[Kim Eui-gyeom / Member of the Democratic Party of Korea (Yesterday): Did you read the Jeon Hyeon-hee case or not?] [Yoo Byeong-ho/ Secretary General of the Board of Audit and Inspection (Yesterday): The most since Dangun.][Kim Eui-gyeom / Member of the Democratic Party of Korea (Yesterday) : Did you read Jeon Hyeon-hee’s case the most since Dangun or not? Please answer only that.][Yoo Byeong-ho/Board of Audit and Inspection Secretary-General (Yesterday): You read it many times. You pressured the employees, forced them to fix the undiscussed facts, even the parts that contradicted the facts, and deceived them. I am the one who has the right to settle. It is a simple verification process by the member on behalf of the director. It’s a way to just press it mechanically, but I’ve seen it the most since Dangun and it’s the only one I didn’t press alone.]But,There is virtually no way to stop the power of the people of ‘112 seats’. This is an aspect that continues to be repeated in the Yoon Seok-yeol administration. Perhaps that’s why there was also a report that President Yoon mentioned 

‘170 seats’ as the goal for next year’s general election in a private meeting. Now, with less than a year left in the general election, it is time to be sensitive to any of these reports.[Seo Young-gyo/Democratic Party Supreme Commissioner: If you said this, this is election intervention. When President Park Geun-hye intervened in the nomination, wasn’t it Yoon Seok-yeol, a prosecutor at the time, who received a two-year prison sentence for interfering in the election as president? Prosecutors and the police should investigate this.]And as the general election approaches on the 200th and 100th, the ruling and opposition parties will attack each other more and more, even over a single issue. Among them, there is the issue of discharge of contaminated water from Fukushima, which is already under discussion. It seems necessary to self-examine whether the role of the National Assembly is correct in the battle that has already spread into a confrontation between mukbang and fasting.[Ryu Ho-jeong/Chairman Jeong Eui-dang ( 

SBS’Kim Tae-Hyun’s Political Show’): In fact, originally, these kinds of outdoor struggles were literally what minor parties or civic groups outside the academy did, but they all ran out and are now going to struggle or struggle against struggle. We are fighting with all our might, so it seems that we are choosing extreme methods. So, as a member of the National Assembly, I feel ashamed and apologetic about not only the Fukushima issue, but also the fact that I am showing this kind of attitude on all major pending issues of state affairs.] The National Tax Service has also entered into a tax investigation on ‘one other instructor’ following a large entrance exam academy. They are looking into whether some instructors have paid less taxes by not reporting textbook fees or special lecture income. This is the ‘Ilta Instructor’ who was the first to be named as the subject of investigation.[Hyun Woo-jin/Mega Study Mathematics Instructor (YouTube ‘ 

theMEGASTUDY ‘): You’re telling me to watch and learn, why? Because he was the most educated person. Do you see what I mean? You can’t lower your standards by looking at others. And if you’re curious about anything, ask me. Don’t go to the community and ask a 5 star! 

A person who has been Certified , a person who has been certified.]Yes, I am Hyun Woo-jin, one of the leading math instructors at ‘Mega Study’. As reported in Newspick yesterday, as soon as the ‘SAT controversy’ started/ “I only feel sorry for the kids. If it’s easy, go easy, if it’s difficult, go chaos.” The scope of the National Tax Service’s investigation is drawing attention to how far it will expand. It’s not just the IRS that’s moving. As of yesterday, 165 cases have been received at the pan-governmental private education cartel and irregularities reporting center, which even the National Police Agency participated in. All of them will be used as a justification for the judicial authorities to move. In the midst of this, the painful ‘killer question’ for test takers is being reborn as a humor code.[Kim Young-woo/Former member of the People’s Power ( 

CBS ‘Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’): There is no killer question, so it came out. {We prepared the killer question… } Is that so? I got some private education. {Well done.}][Choi Jae-seong/Former Blue House Chief of Staff for Political Affairs ( 

CBS ‘Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’): I was also a bit worried. I somehow got called a prediction master. {Of course.} You must have the ability to discriminate… ]I wonder if there is also a so-called ‘high level of spin-off’ aspect of this controversy. Former representative of People’s Power Lee Jun-seok, who was attacked for saying, “After coming out of Harvard, I am not in a position to criticize,” was also added. We retraced exactly where this controversy began.[Lee Jun-seok/Former People’s Power Representative ( 

KBS’Choi Kyung-young’s Strongest Preview’): Now, if you ask me what stage we’ve reached, we can say something and push forward even if something doesn’t match. I think these things gave the president great confidence. In the past, for example, if you made a mistake, you would be bitten, but these days, ‘Even if you make a mistake, you can push it later.’ Am I not an expert on lion idioms? It’s not difficult, but it’s not difficult.]I also pointed out that checker, but the confusion in President Yoon’s instructions is the beginning. That’s right, but now it’s pointing somewhere else. Borrowing the words of former CEO Lee, it is difficult to erase the impression that only students who will eventually have to take this exam are suffering from this kind of ‘push’. Education Minister Lee Joo-ho reiterated his position in a media interview that “there is no semi-killer question or new type.” Then it’s because it’s hard to get a sense of how the hell this exam will come out and how to prepare. The education authorities say they will only disclose the trend of the exam after completing the mock evaluation in September. The ‘golden’ time of the admissions is still going by.< “There is room for contention” > Arrest warrants for former special prosecutor Park Young-soo, who is considered one of the 

‘5 billion club’, and former assistant special prosecutor Yang Jae-shik, who were identified as his accomplices, have been dismissed. The court explained the reason for dismissing the warrant for former special prosecutor Park, “there is no fear of destroying evidence or escaping”. “There is room for a dispute over the facts.”’Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’): There are a lot of factual disputes, then the prosecution couldn’t investigate, that’s how they evaluate it. We’ll have to look into the details, but basically the judge didn’t move his mind. It is pointed out that the prosecution did not give the feeling that there was some important suspicion that was sufficiently proven.] As a result, it is pointed out that the impetus for the investigation of the ‘5billion club’ as well as the former special prosecutor Park has decreased. The prosecution said, “It is difficult to understand,” and said, “We will review whether to re-apply for an arrest warrant through further investigation.” < Buried in the hills > The government’s investigation of ‘birth unreported’ babies has been ongoing since the day before yesterday. In the process, it was confirmed that a common-law couple living in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, secretly buried a baby who died on the fifth day after birth in a hill. Now, it’s been two days since the start of the full investigation, and I’m concerned that there will be more cases. The mother of the suspect in the ‘Suwon refrigerator infant body’ case, which triggered the investigation, was handed over to the prosecution today. [Mr. A / Suspect in the ‘Suwon refrigerator infant body’ case: {Why did you kill the children?} {There was a husband’s name in the medical record} {Did you write it yourself?} {Do you have anything to say to the dead children?} … ] <The Betrayal of ‘Zero’ > Recently called an alternative to sugar, it is an artificial sweetener that is widely used in so-called ‘zero drinks’. Foreign media reported that the World Health Organization (WHO) plans to classify aspartame as a possible carcinogen. WHOIt is said that the affiliated International Agency for Research on Cancer will add it to the list of substances that may cause cancer to humans on the 14th of next month. At this point, I wonder if this is a betrayal of ‘Zero’.Today’s news pick ends here. I’ll go in and pick one pick. It was news pick 5.

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