‘Flexor injury’ Gu Chang-mo, at his own expense, treatment at Yokohama Ijima Rehabilitation Center in Japan… the last win for AG

 NC Dinos Koo Chang-mo went to Japan for a quick recovery.

Gu Chang-mo left for Japan on the 8th. He plans to visit the “holy place of rehabilitation” Yokohama Ijima Treatment Center and stay for a week to receive treatment.

Ijima Treatment Center, which is also visited by many Japanese professional athletes, is famous for helping speedy rehabilitation and recovery through pain control such as electrical treatment. The trip to Japan this time is a schedule that the athlete has to spend at their own expense. As much as that, he has a strong will to board the Asian Games in Hangzhou in the fall through a quick recovery.

Koo Chang-mo started in an away game against the LG Twins held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 2nd, but threw 5 balls to catch the lead batter and voluntarily gave up. As a result of two close examinations in Korea, he was diagnosed with microscopic damage to the flexor muscle between his elbow and wrist for three weeks. He’s fortunately on the side of his wrist, allowing him to shorten his rehabilitation period. Gu Chang-mo has been on the injured list since the 3rd, the next day.

Gu Chang-mo was named as a wild card in the reserve list for the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team announced on April 28th. The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) Power Reinforcement Committee announces the final list of Hangzhou AG on the 9th.

Gu Chang-mo and the NC club strongly hope for the selection, saying, “There is sufficient recovery time until boarding the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) held in October.” A week of Japanese treatment at his own expense is also a stepping stone for a quick recovery to participate in the Asian Games.

NC coach Kang In-kwon said, “The timing is a bit bad, but there is plenty of time to recover. I don’t know how the Power Reinforcement Committee will decide, but I’ll probably recover enough by then.” Yes, the Asian Games in October are quite possible.” He continued, “In case of an injury, the entry may be replaced,” and strongly hoped to board.메이저사이트

In fact, Gu Chang-mo is not the only injured player. A number of key players have returned from injury or are about to return from injury. It is the decision of the Power Reinforcement Committee whether to select flexibly considering the treatment period and competition period or to exclude the injured at the source.

Once included in the list, there is also a way to replace it if a new injury occurs or recovery is slow during the tournament.

Gu Chang-mo passed the Armed Forces Sports Corps (Sangmu) and is about to enlist at the end of this year. Will Koo Chang-mo, who even decided to treat Japan at his mercy, be able to make the final list for the Asian Games? it’s a fateful day

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