Flood disaster treatment expenses that Nonsan City said they would give to you.

During the torrential rain last month, the charnel house run메이저놀이터 by Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do collapsed in a landslide.

At this time, four family members were buried, two were killed and two were injured, and Nonsan City promised to pay medical expenses to the victims.

However, it was revealed that Nonsan City, which had been delaying the payment of treatment expenses, tried to collect money from public officials and give it to the bereaved family.

What was going on, reporter Kim Tae-wook exclusively covered.

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Yangji Memorial Center run by Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do.

Last month, a landslide occurred due to torrential rain, killing two people and injuring two others.

The Mayor of Nonsan came to Vinso and promised follow-up measures and payment of treatment expenses.

[Nonsan Mayor Baek Seong-hyeon] “Anyway ,
whether I persuade the council or not, if I can, I will actively seek out what the best role I can play.

They changed their words, saying that only if you receive a

When the controversy arose, an official from Nonsan City sent a text message to the bereaved family, saying, “We will collect donations from employees for treatment costs.”

And on the last 4 days, we raised 7.7 million won from actual employees.

The bereaved family refused, saying they couldn’t understand why Nonsan City was pushing general public officials to pay for the treatment.

[Yun Seong-hoon/Bereaved family]
“The Nonsan City employees, who have nothing to do with it, say it’s fundraising, but they say that they raised it almost like a forced collection, and they won’t accept the money, so they told them to return it, but they’re not returning it…

” It was confirmed that he walked after spreading through.

[An official from the Nonsan branch of the National Public Officials Union (Voice modified)]
“When I asked for a fundraiser, I didn’t think that I would be able to cope with (medical expenses) with this. Whether the city takes responsibility for what the city should be responsible for…

” I contacted the Nonsan city officials several times to hear about it, but I did not hear an answer.

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